New Year’s Eve! Recap of 2015

I actually really enjoy writing up this post. Today, I am providing an assessment of my 2015 wish list that I provided at the first day of the new year. I already provided my Mid-Year Report on Canada Day. Below is the result of my full year’s report:

1) More transfer bonuses between programs

Result: Success!

2) More incentive to retain a credit card beyond the first year fee waived

  • As I mentioned in the mid-term report, this will always be a pipe dream. But I will continue to wish and hope for it, because I really believe that it is a great incentive to encourage people to retain their credit cards for a longer period of time.

Result: Fail

3) More co-branded credit cards

Result: Fail

4) More reward availability

  • There is only so much that hotel and airlines can do, as more and more people get on board with loyalty programs, I actually expect less award availability as a result of demand and supply. I realize now that I probably shouldn’t have had too high of expectations on this factor.

Result: Neutral

5) Improved safety and security for travellers

  • Wikipedia actually has a page that tracks all the aviation incidents. Unfortunately, 2015 was actually hit with quite a few incidents. Probably more than what we would like to see.

Result: Needs improvement

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