What are Interviews about?

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Before we talk about what the interview series is about, we just wanted to share some history of Pointshogger. We launched our site back in October 2013 and it has been quite a journey since then. We met lots of amazing people that we thought we would never meet (mostly virtual).

Interview Series

Our interview series, which was originally designed to be launching platform for up and coming websites. Now, it has grown into a lot more. We have featured CEOs, founders and high level executives from a wide range of companies (big, medium and small) in the industry who would like to promote their product or service. The goal is to have some of our readers’ most pressing questions being answered directly from the source, rather than just reading about our interpretation of their ideas.

Now we wish to grow the participation to our interview series.

Reach out to us to participate

So, if you are a company who would like to promote their product or service in our interview series, send us a message in our “Contact Us” section found near the bottom of the page. If the product or service is relevant to the industry, we will get back to you with next steps.

If you already participated with us before and would like to promote something else, reach out to us again for a follow up interview!