How Much are Points Worth?

*This page will constantly be updated.

I have been asked how much points are worth. There is no exact amount because it depends on how you use your points. But I can give an approximation on how much points are worth if you maximize your return.

(Last updated September 5, 2015)




The above list is a rough approximation of how much each point is worth from each program. Generally you will probably be getting less than what is estimated above for your points, so be sure to do a little research when redeeming your points. It will really depend on how you leverage your points.

Also keep in mind that the calculations are different when using your points for first class reward flights. For business or first class, you will generally get more value per point when redeeming for reward flights, based on the price of the business or first class ticket. However, the question is whether you would have paid for that ticket in the first place.

During very special promotions, you can potentially earn more value than the list above. Otherwise, if you can get a return close to the value listed above, then you’re getting great value out of your points.