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Pointshogger is a website that aims to provide information about all the major loyalty miles and points programs in Canada, as well as helping Canadians maximise the rewards on every dollar spent. This goes for spending on travel, everyday credit card expenses, groceries, online shopping… anything that Canadians are eligible to collect in points or redeem savings on. We hope to provide a bank of information for people who are avid “Pointshoggers” and frugal spenders. If you are new to our site, we recommend that you start here: Pointshogger 101.

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Awarded Most Consistent Travel & Information Blog 2021, Canada (LUXlife Awards).

The Pointshogger Team

Canadian Points Blogger Matthew Lau

Matt Lau

Chief Editor


Matt has been an avid points collector since 1992 (an elementary school student), when his dad signed up for the new (at the time) Air Miles program. Since then, Matt took a keen interest in learning how the miles and points world works. He quickly found out that there is a lot of value in leveraging miles and points to fund his passion for travelling.

As he got older, he found that there was a lot of misconception about the value of miles and points, so Pointshogger was created to inspire Canadians on how to maximise the hard earned rewards by providing analysis and updates.

His two main secrets are to earn and burn, as well as diversify your rewards portfolio. As of January 2022, he has travelled to 28 countries in 5 continents in his lifetime.

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Canadian Points Blogger Tabia Lau

Tabia Lau

Chief Financial Officer


While organising accounts and tracking her spending wasn’t always her strong suit, Tabia loves two things very much; food and movies. What luck that Pointshogger came along to point out she can have an excess of both in her life, all while being frugal. Her favourite loyalty programs are SCENE+ Rewards (for all the movies you could want), Marriott Bonvoy and PC Optimum.

Now what are you waiting for? Go out there and hog those points!

Canadian Points Blogger Viola Ng

Viola Ng

Social Media/Marketing Manager


With a background in marketing and design, Viola has always taken an interest in starting something of her own in the field that she has studied, but never exactly knew what to “market” per se as a side business. Then she has come to realise that one of her personal strengths is money management and being frugal while leading a comfortable lifestyle. She has gotten to a point in her life where she cannot buy anything that is not on sale, redeemable with points, or simply free! This is why she wants to make it her mission to spread the word of points collecting so that every Canadian can get the best bang for the buck!

And while she’s at it… why not redeem points to go see the world? *snap snap*

Her favourite points to collect are American Express Membership Rewards (flexibility to transfer to other points program), Aeroplan, and PC Optimum.

‎Happy Pointshogging!

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Canadian Points Blogger Shirley Huang

Shirley Huang



As a young marketer who loves to travel, Shirley has visited many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, North America as well as Africa. Studying International Business and Marketing, Shirley has been given the opportunity to study abroad in Singapore and Taiwan learning about their cultures and lifestyles.

As a child, she has always longed for a career where she can travel to foreign countries and introduce them to the world. She realised that she needed to start small, so marketing products and services to those who were not familiar with it would be her preliminary step.

When travelling became a frequent hobby for Shirley, she decided that signing up for a rewards card would be an ideal decision. Shirley has been a member of Aeroplan and Air Miles for over a decade, collecting points each time she travels. She has also stayed at hotels situated all over the world ranging from 2 stars to 6 stars; she’s become an expert in hotel bookings and standards.