Pointshogger, Most Consistent Travel & Information Blog 2021, Canada (LUXlife Awards)

The LUXlife magazine is a premium lifestyle publication distributed globally. They focus on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, including travel, which is most relevant to our topic today. LUXlife announced all its winners of their Travel and Tourism Awards 2021.

Most Consistent Travel & Information Blog 2021 – Canada

We are delighted to announce that Pointshogger has been awarded: Most Consistent Travel & Information Blog 2021 – Canada. We received these generous words from LUXlife when being awarded this recognition:

  • Having worked with you to this point, it’s great to be the one to deliver the good news and I hope it marks the start of a much less turbulent time. Pointshogger, like all of our winners, has demonstrated excellence and commitment in this industry, even in the face of uncertainty and more than ever, we believe you should be recognised!

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On behalf of Pointshogger, thank you so much to LUXlife for recognising our work!

It has been a rough past 13 months since the pandemic struck Canada and highly impacted the travel industry. Regardless, the type of posts that we have published since October 21, 2013 (our first post) have really changed over time and it will continue to evolve more.

For now, we would also like to especially thank all our readers and followers who have read our posts, past and present. We also understand that there is always room for improvement and the job really is never going to be done. So our plan and commitment to you is to keep going forward and seeing what the future brings!

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  1. Congratulations

    Please keep up the good work.
    I really enjoy all of your posting.


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