hellO Canada!

Welcome to Pointshogger! Our very first post.

I have been following a few fellow bloggers extensively about how to earn loyalty points to reduce the cost of traveling. The mains ones I follow are:

What they have in common is that they primarily focus on programs that would generally interest US citizens mostly. I decided to compliment their work and focus on programs that would interest Canadians.

It has been very well documented that Canadians usually get the short end of the stick in terms of credit card benefits and perks. Not to mention much lower credit card sign up bonuses, as well as higher annual fees on a credit card that have very similar benefits with the ones from the United States.

Generally for Canadians, the most commonly used travel rewards programs are Aeroplan and Air Miles. However, there are a lot of other hidden gems out there that might be valuable to Canadians. Aside from travel rewards cards, maybe some people prefer less hassle or even cash back instead of points. Others would prefer no annual fees whatsoever.

We will be blogging about all the various options available when it comes to maximizing value in loyalty points and cash back. When you spend money, it always feels great to get something in return. Hopefully we can provide you with options that will suit your needs. Please feel free to let us know if you want us to write about any ideas that may interest you.

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