Earn 40,000 Best Western Sign Up Bonus Points

I can’t believe it. I was started to get scared that more of the hotel credit cards will start getting discontinued, especially after the Capital One IHG credit cards, so I applied for the MBNA Best Western MasterCard, with the 20,000 sign up bonus, but of course, a week later, we now see a 40,000 points promotion. I plan to call MBNA to see if I can qualify for this promotion, but they only operate during the weekday. For now, here is a quick recap of the highlights of the credit card:

  • No annual fee
  • Earn 40,000 sign up bonus points after your first purchase
  • Earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Best Western properties
  • Earn 1.5 point for every $1 on all purchases
  • Awarded Gold Status upon first use of your credit card
  • Awarded Diamond Status when you spend $10,000 in a calendar year

There does not seem to be any deadline on the increased sign up bonus. I you have been thinking about signing up, now is as good a time as any to go for it. It is slim pickings for co-branded hotel loyalty program credit cards, so I would jump on an offer like this without any hesitation.

We value 1 Best Western Reward point at 0.8 cents a piece, so if you can leverage your points well, you can get about $320 (0.8 x 40,000) in value. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a no annual fee credit card.


  1. Hi matthew, I just saw this, I was gonna sign up for Chase marriott and now this one also, today. should that be any issue on credit score, or should i give a couple days each in between ? I was also applying for one in my husbands name for both, to get double everything. Do you also know if there is a issue using “household” income , as total income . thanks so much ! Susan.

    1. Credit checks have become quite instantaneous now, so it wouldn’t matter too much to apply on the same day or a different day because you will just have one hit after another immediately. I would base the income based on their specific definition in case you need to prove it.

  2. Do you give your social insurance number on applications if not mandatory, or is it better to give either way ? thanks again, susan

  3. Ok, thanks. I did, but maybe won’t next time. Just got approved for me and my husband, each, on the promo ! thanks for the tip ! But, it never asked for my best western number, weird .

    thanks again !! look forward to the points !

    1. Sweet! When I called about that, they said we will need to provide it when we activate our card. So don’t forget to do it then!

  4. Well do thanks. I also applied for Chase marriott . Mine went through right away, but weird cause my husbands was we will make a decision shortly. Maybe cause 2 from same family right away, his credit score is in the high 800’s. we own a business.

  5. Thank you for the find!

    how did you originally find the 40k promotion? it still says 20k signup on the mbna website.

    1. You will see the promotion on the Best Western Rewards website. Usually MBNA leaves the 20,000 sign up bonus on their own website even during a promotion.

      1. I already applied 10 days ago for the 20,000 points promo. So I called their customer service regarding the increase in the new promo if it would be applied in my application since it’s still in the process. They said that I can cancel my application and apply again to avail of the new promo. And so I did, only to be declined. I called them the next day and said
        that I’ve applied for many cards in the past six months and it is a concern for them. They asked me why I applied for many cards. And I said I wanted to avail the promos.(Did I answer him right?) Anyways, he suggested that I applied after six month. Is it different in the States, that they have 3 months after you can apply, and for us 6 months. Is this a Canadian standard? I feel bad not getting approved for this promo. Maybe I should have stayed with my previous application and not cancel it. Would they have seen my previous application?

        1. I would try another customer service rep. Try to reactivate your previous application that you just cancelled. They will know that you apply for multiple cards.

          1. So I should look for another service rep that would agree to reactivate my previous application and not care about my multiple card application in the past six month?

          2. Worse case the new Rep gives you the same response and you can just wait the 6 months. Doesn’t hurt to try your luck again with another rep. At least the older application wasn’t rejected on the spot so you have a higher chance to get approved for that one so that you at least get 20,000 points. 6 months later the 40,000 promo may be gone and with the way things are going maybe even this card entirely.

  6. Hi Matthew; Just wanted to update you on my comment I gave you earlier about both me and my husband getting the Best western 40,000 promo, great ! And then I did the Chase Marriott for 50,000, for both of us. The reason they gave my husband for his not going through, was that we have 2 RBC visa’s, but they are both in my name, he is the secondary card holder, so that does not count. Even we have a line of credit, but its joint, she told him he needs a CC in his own name. He had one about 7 yrs back, but we canceled cause I got the RBC Avion, not knowing it would have been better he held on to it. So, they told him to get a Bank CC, (chase not a bank) then after a year he can reapply. thats all it was, not matter his credit score. We are both in 50’s, with excellent credit scores, but never realized something had to be in His name only. We are going to call back tomorrow and ask if this is a chase policy, or if they will reconsider. Does this make sense to you ? Also, when he gets a Bank Credit card, does he really need to use it now and then ? I hope you guys get credit for the CC links you have, if not, you should !. Thanks again, have a great week, Susan

    1. If you have a credit card then you should keep it active or else it doesn’t help your credit score. Just be sure to spend within your means. If you carry a balance every month it will hurt your credit score. You can always ask for reconsiderations. Sounds like he just needs some more credit history. So getting a bank card just helps to build that history.

  7. We have lots credit history, which is weird, my husband has a high 800’s score, both equifax & trans. We never have a balance on our CC’s they are paid every month. (otherwise points are worthless) We have a high line of credit at TD, as we have a a lot of equity in out home (800,000) , my husband is 59, so credit history goes way back. But yeh, everything is joint, so we will call back, but just get a TD bank card for him anyway, even though it wont really be used. So, thanks for your time Matthew, have a great day.

  8. P:S: Matthew, They did clarify to there was no issue with his credit, they just wanted to see a BANK credit card in his own account. Thanks so much ,, Susan have a great thanks giving !

  9. Hello, I just signed up and activated my Best Western Mastercard over the phone and it occurred to me that on the website there’s nowhere that connects you to the reward program. So I went to sign up for the reward program thinking it might as me whether I have the Mastercard (or vice versa) but I can’t find anything, not even the MBNA site. So if I make my first purchase on the credit card how will the company know where my sign up bonus goes to?? I can’t find info anywhere that connects the credit card to my loyalty account. Any direction would be nice, thanks!!

    1. Hi Jenny, there is nowhere to include the loyalty program on the application. You will just need to phone in when you receive your credit card and tell them over the phone. If you do not have an account, they will automatically create a new account for you on your behalf.

      1. Thanks Matthew that helped clarify things. I’m surprised it never dawned on them they should be doing that… that’s something they definitely need to fix to avoid multiple accounts being created unnecessarily.

  10. Hi Matthew…..Do you know if this card is churn-able? Will we able to get points if we were to sign-up again after few months?

    1. Hi Sunny, yes, for the time being, you can get the sign up bonus again. I am not aware of any waiting period either.

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