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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated December 26, 2023)

Since the start of the decade (2022, 2021, 2020), we managed to update this list every December, mine as well keep going.

There were quite a few major changes in the industry, so there was some shift in the rankings. They are now divided in the 3 groups: top 5, from 6 to 10, and the rest.

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Top Credit Cards for Purchasing Gas (updated April 14, 2023)

It was good while it latest I guess. Looks like gas prices have started to spike again in the month of April after a few months of stability prior to that. Starting with new carbon tax, supply issues, etc. This is probably as good as time as any to list some of the best credit cards to use for gas purchases.

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Top Credit Card for Purchasing Groceries (updated on February 6, 2023)

Several major grocery chain stores in Canada had a price freeze on their in-house products, such as Loblaws’ No Name brand. The price freeze was to help shoppers offset against the high inflation between October 17, 2022 and January 31, 2023. This month, we are back to free for all. Today, let’s re-visit the best credit cards, along with some calculations (found below each credit card) to use on grocery spending.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated December 12, 2022)

For the most part, 2022 was a relatively quiet year in terms of changes to the credit card industry (in terms of permanent offers). There was a significant amount of all-time high sign up bonuses, which do not factor into our ranking system. Our rankings are based on the intention of retaining credit cards for the long term, not based on churning.

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[DISCONTINUED] MBNA Best Western MasterCard

This year started out strong with all-time high sign up bonuses from various credit card issuers. Unfortunately, it is starting to look like we are closing out the year on a low note. Earlier today, we published a post regarding the end of the MBNA Alaska Airlines cards. Now we are writing a separate post on one of my personal favourites, MBNA Best Western MasterCard, who is also coming to an end.

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Top Credit Card for Purchasing Groceries (updated on October 21, 2022)

I cannot believe that it has been over 6 years since we last updated this post. So we are way overdue for an update. Furthermore, with the way inflation has been going, who does not want to reduce their credit card bill?

First of all, I recommend signing up for free loyalty programs affiliated with groceries to rack up rewards for spending, along with watching for sales. Then triple dip with using a credit card that gives a higher multiplier bonus when shopping at grocery stores.

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Top Credit Cards for Purchasing Gas (updated January 31, 2022)

I cannot believe that it has been almost 7 years since I last updated this post. There is no question that this post can use an update, especially considering how much gas prices have gone up over the last 12 months in Canada.

The better strategy is still to purchase gas using a credit card to meet minimum spend requirements for new promotional sign up bonuses.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated December 21, 2021)

It has been just over a year since our last update (December 1, 2020) of the rankings list. The timing works well to update again this month, since we are coming to the end of the year. Now we get a snapshot of 2021, as we head into 2022.


Fast Track to Best Western Elite Status

While not the flashiest hotel chain, I am still a big fan of Best Western, Where they may lack in luxury, they make it up in affordability, availability and customer service. 

In 2021, they have cut the requirements to qualify for its elite status program in half. So I thought I would take this opportunity to update our last rundown post from over 2 years ago. 

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Putting Together a No Annual Fee Credit Card Portfolio

Due to the government lockdowns that occurred throughout the past 12 months (already? … gasp!), I find that I have dramatically reduced spending. The reduction in spending inspired me to write up this post. I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have reduced spending, so I thought I’d put together what I think would be an ideal no annual fee credit card portfolio.

Keep in mind that this post focused on credit cards with no annual fees whatsoever. This is important because I am thinking longevity (i.e. retaining the same card long term), so I will not be factoring churning, which would be a post for another day. For this post, you may notice some of the more lower profile cards, but do have some hidden value in them.