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Interview with Aeroplan – Your Questions answered!

[UPDATE]: We re-uploaded the video to eliminate background music, as requested, and also amped up the video quality.

A few weeks ago we asked you guys, our readers, for anything you want to ask John Boynton, CMO of the Aeroplan program… so here it is folks! Although it was only a teleconference call, we made a Youtube video of the interview to visually show the questions so you can scroll back and forth to listen in on particular parts for convenience purposes.

We really enjoyed our experience speaking with the Aeroplan team. Before we began the interview we joked about how this was a cross-Canada conference as we have both the Aeroplan and Pointshogger representatives joining in from Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. John was very friendly and well spoken throughout the interview, making an effort in answering all our questions on behalf of the program. Although the General Manager, Nadine was present for the call, she didn’t answer any questions but acted more as a support role for John. My guess is that they were prepare to tackle any questions en français if necessary (very professional and Canadian indeed…). While we hear out John’s response to our questions – and I must admit that some of them are quite tricky to give a direct answer to – there were times where they sidetracked a little, but that was expected. Regardless of how much they sidetracked, there was a lot of useful information in the interview.

A big THANK YOU goes to our readers for participating and submitting your questions!!! And again, due to the time constraints, we weren’t able to get through all the ones sent to us, but Aeroplan voiced out that they’re happy to answer your questions if you send them to us (Pointshogger) so that we can get you, our readers, some valuable insights and answers straight from the peeps in the corporate office. Personally, I think this is a great opportunity to get your concerns across and bypass the customer service gatekeepers on the other end of the line, so send us an email (please don’t just post a comment) and we will pass along the message to our contacts at Aeroplan. Just be warn it might take some time before we can get back to you as we wanna bank a sizable question list before sending them out.

Alright I’ll shut up for now and let you guys watch the video. Hope you enjoy it! =]

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