Merry Christmas! Shopping Tips 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Today, I will be updating my shopping tips from last year. Since all the stores are closed on Christmas Day, today’s post will be to give you some shopping tips in preparation for Boxing Day tomorrow.

Know Your Prices

Do not just buy because it is on sale. Keep in mind that all stores know that there will be more traffic than normal in their stores, so they will be ready for you. It is always a good idea to know your prices going into Boxing Day shopping. Often times we may see sales that already occur throughout the year, so you do not need to rush to make a purchase of something that you do not actually need. So be sure that you are actually getting a good price relative to regular sales.

Keep a Running List

I have always keep a running list of what I want and need to buy. Often times we buy something and wished that we had bought it when it went on sale. By keeping a running list, I always know which things I should buy to stock up for the future, that way I can take advantage of great sales. I also know which I need to replace, but held off replacing until I see a good promotion around. This way, my purchases are generally pre-planned, so it is easier for me to stay within my budget and avoid overpaying for anything, as well as buying something that I do not actually need.

Have a Budget

It is very easy to overspend when we see a lot of good deals. That is why it is important to have a running list, so that you know exactly what you are planning to buy. Once you know what you plan to buy, you will better be able to set a budget on the limit that you are willing to spend.

Have Your Credit Cards Ready

For those of you who do not have trouble paying off your credit cards, this is the best time to rack up a lot of points. Be sure to plan out which credit cards you will use at which store to maximize the return. This is also a very dangerous time for people who cannot afford to make purchases, but buy things beyond their means and end up with a huge credit card bill. Just know that if you cannot pay your credit card bills on time, any rewards that you earn will be nullified by the interest rates.

Have your Loyalty Cards Ready

Have all your loyalty cards ready for any store that offers a reward program. Watch for double dipping opportunities.

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