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[AIRLINE] Code-Share Between Delta Air Lines and WestJet

WestJet and Delta Air Lines have decided to partner up and offer code sharing. Code sharing means that you can fly on one airline, but bank the points you would have earned to another loyalty program. In this case, it means that if you fly with WestJet and do not wish to earn WestJet Rewards, you can earn Delta SkyMiles instead with the miles that you have flown or vice versa.

I am actually pretty excited by this new partnership. I hesitate to fly with WestJet because I do not fly often enough to earn WestJet dollars for me to redeem before they expire. WestJet dollars expires 4 years from the day that they were deposited. Conversely, Delta SkyMiles never expire. So they are a very good program to bank your points to if you do not fly often enough.

On the other hand, if you happen to fly WestJet a lot and can redeem the points quickly enough, but for one reason or another, you need to fly with Delta Air Lines, you can just bank to miles to WestJet Rewards instead.

Either way this is a win/win for consumers. I am very happy about this new partnership. A big thumbs up to both airlines!

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