T&T Supermarket Rewards Program

Competing internally with their fellow PC Financial rewards program, T&T Supermarket had introduced their loyalty program, which comes in a form of a card. You can earn points in which will allow you to redeem for in-store reward items. In order to join, you will need to register at a T&T Rewards Card Kiosk at a participating T&T Supermarket location or you can choose to register online.

In case you’re not familiar with the brand, T&T Supermarket is an Asian-Canadian supermarket chain which is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia. In 2009, Loblaw Companies purchased the supermarket chain. It currently has 22 locations across Canada, with ten in Vancouver and eight in Toronto.

Earning Points

You will only begin to earn points after every eligible purchase of $25 or more before taxes. Additionally, $25 will earn you 25 points. In this case, this will earn you 1 point per every dollar spent. Points earned may not be posted immediately to your account and may take up to 24 hours for an update to take place.

In order to earn points, you must provide you T&T Rewards Card at the time of purchase as points cannot be earned after the transaction has been completed.

Participating Locations

The T&T Rewards Card is only available at selected T&T Supermarket Stores around the country:

Store Address Location
Promenade Store Y007-1 Promenade Circle Thornhill, Ontario
Warden Store 7070 Warden Ave Markham, Ontario
Milliken Store 5661 Steeles Ave East

Scarborough, Ontario

Central Parkway Store 715 Central Parkway West Mississauga, Ontario
Downtown Toronto Store 222 Cherry Street Toronto, Ontario
Weldrick Store 9625 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, Ontario
Woodbine Store 9255 Woodbine Ave Markham, Ontario
Unionville Store 8339 Kennedy Road, Building C Markham, Ontario
Ottawa Store 224 Hunt Club Road Ottawa, Ontario
Ora Store #135-5511 Hollybridge Way Richmond, British Columbia

Who is Eligible to Join

You must be aged eighteen years or older as well as a legal resident in Canada in order to be a member of the Reward Program. You can register one account for you and your family members as one main card and two mini cards will be distributed at the time of application. Each family member has to be aged eighteen or older in order to utilize the account.

Refunds and Replacement Cards

Any points that have been earned from the original purchase will be deducted when a refund has been requested. If you have used the points previously before the refund, your account balance will fall into a negative balance until you have earned back the points deducted from the refund. If you need have your card replaced, you are able to transfer your points balance over to the new card.

Account Expiration

You will need to keep your account active in order to avoid your points from expiring. This requires you to make a purchase every six months. Eligible purchases does not include gift cards, tickets, stamps, lotteries, telephone cards, newspapers, tobacco, wholesale sales, applicable sales taxes and coupon discounts.

Awards Redemption

When you have reached a specified number of points, you can redeem for merchandise or gifts. Unfortunately, points cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. You can redeem for different items in specific locations based on store availability.


The bottom line is, it seems that T&T Supermarket has made a strategic move to compete with their fellow parent company Loblaw Companies and PC Financial in earning grocery points. The T&T Rewards Program is a good way to attract customers to make larger purchases in order to redeem for other merchandises.

Unfortunately, the items you can redeem for is based on the type of stock each store has. As there is no clear line as to what “merchandise items” you can redeem, it makes it difficult to have any motive in mind when earning T&T Rewards Points. It is stated that redeemable items are revealed on an in-store poster; however, if there is a popular item, chances are, you’ve missed out on it by the time you have enough points to redeem it and there are no rain checks given for rewards. Ultimately, the T&T rewards program lacks detail and may need to readjust itself in order to stay on top of the competition.


    1. I apologize for the confusion. As you see at the top with our logo, our mandat is to maximize rewards for Canadians, which consists of any rewards, not only travelling.

  1. Oh wow. I recently started shopping at T&T supermarket but I didn’t know about this reward program. This program is still active? Because I only use T&T supermarket flyer to get discounts and I am really looking forward to this program. If it is still active, I will start shopping more to earn points.

    1. Personally I wish that they would incorporate with their parent company, Loblaws and allow us to earn PC Optimum points instead.

  2. not a very good program. 25 points for $25 is NOT 1 point per $1, as $49 purchase will only get you 25 points. that is, you get 25 points for every $25 purchased, nothing inbetween. as well, what you get as a reward for the points is piddly compared to what you have spent.

  3. Nah. they set up the kiosk to get the card for a short time. it’s disappeared. you might have to ask someone at the shop about it. you need to speak cantonese or mandarin, as i’ve noticed very few of them speak english

  4. doubt that’s going to happen. as was mentioned when loblaws bought them out, the original owner/managers are free to operate the business their own way.

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