Author: Shirley Huang

As a young marketer who loves to travel, Shirley has visited many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, North America as well as Africa. Studying International Business and Marketing, Shirley has been given the opportunity to study abroad in Singapore and Taiwan learning about their cultures and lifestyles. As a child, she has always longed for a career where she can travel to foreign countries and introduce them to the world. She realized that she needed to start small, so marketing products and services to those who were not familiar with it would be her preliminary step. When travelling became a frequent hobby for Shirley, she decided that signing up for a rewards card would be an ideal decision. Shirley has been a member of Aeroplan and Air Miles for over a decade, collecting points each time she travels. She has also stayed at hotels situated all over the world ranging from 2 stars to 6 stars; she’s become an expert in hotel bookings and standards. Although Shirley loves to travel, she prefers to redeem cash-back when making daily purchases. Her current credit card portfolio includes the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard and Capital One Aspire Cash MasterCard as they offer a high cash-back return than most credit cards.

When the Canadian Dollar is Weak…

As we are moving into the Spring, most people will take advantage to travel before the students are let off from school. For us in Canada, it becomes nicer out, the weather is warmer and you can be sure that your flights will not experience any delays. With the falling Canadian Dollar, it makes things rough for us to cross the border to our neighbours for some cheap outlet shopping.

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[READER QUESTION] What Types of Travel Insurance are Covered on Award Travel?

Generally speaking, if you have purchased your ticket with a travel credit card, you are automatically entitled to a few types of coverage (most of the time): emergency medical insurance, trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage theft and delay, all up to the amount outlined in each section.

Travel Insurance For 65 Years Old And Over (updated February 7, 2016)

When we purchase travel credit cards, generally it will come with some sort of trip medical insurance, whether it be the first 10 days of your trip or the first 21 days of your trip. However, you will notice that most travel credit cards will only cover those who are 64 and under, and the reason for this is the same as for any insurance, there is a higher liability for the insurance company. This means travelers who are over 65 cannot take advantage of these benefits, even if they own a premium credit card.

More Thoughts on Mistake Fares

Flight mistake fares don’t happen quite often, but when they do and we happen to be at the right place at the right time, should we take advantage of this? The answer is simple. Depends. Mistake fares are the kind of thing which doesn’t have a proper standard to it. Like a relationship. It may be right to do it in one circumstances, but it may be wrong to do it in another. Nonetheless, mistake fares are little miracles that happen once a blue moon in our lifetime.

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Hotel Transfer Partners to Airlines

Sometimes we overlook the fact that there are many methods when earning airline frequent flyer points. One of the easiest ways is staying at one of your favourite hotel brands and then transferring your points over to your airline loyalty program.