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Update on Canadian Travel Restrictions

See also travel policy: Updates We continue to add to our collection of posts related to the current travel restrictions. Our last post was back in November 2020, but there have been several significant...

Receive Up to $1,000 During a 14-Day Quarantine?

There seems to be so little news reports (CTV) on this matter, but I thought I’d bring it up. The short version of the story is that Canadians who are coming back to Canada and forced into a 14-day...

So Does Canada Have a Travel Ban?

See also: COVID-19 Updates The Canadian Government has lots of information regarding who is permitted to travel to and from Canada (along with exceptions). There seems to be a lot of information to sort...

Booking Flights that Never Take Off

This post was inspired from reading an article from CBC: Airlines lure Canadians to buy tickets for flights that will never take off. I wanted to share my thoughts on this matter as it can afftect a lot...

Canada US Border Closed to Non-Essential Travel for Another Month

The Canada and US border crossing ban (for non-essential travel) began March 21, 2020 was set to expire on June 21, 2020. It has now been extended to July 21, 2020. This has been a topic that has gone...

Canadian Transportation Agency Backtracking on Flight Vouchers

UPDATE- Due to a comment below, I am adding a disclaimer that this post is not suppose to be biased towards any sides. The point of this post is to encourage people to see the different sides of the story...

What to do with the Middle Seats?

With the majority of air travel grounded for the time being, airlines are probably working around the clock to see how they can change their business models. It is highly likely that some current changes...

24 Month Travel Vouchers

Looks like the airlines are loosening up on the travel vouchers. I wrote a post at the end of March hoping to see longer travel vouchers. There is an ongoing heated debate about whether airlines should...

Rundown of COVID-19 Updates for Canadians

Below is an update of temporary terms and conditions offered by loyalty companies relevant to Canadians, due to COVID-19. The updates focuses on companies (airlines, hotels, cinema, train). We also have...

Class Action Against Airlines Over Vouchers Instead of Refunds

It did not take long for the lawsuits to come in. We wrote a post a few days ago about the Canadian Transportation Agency saying that airlines are not required to refund passengers. This has become a heated...

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