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PCR Testing No Longer Required to Enter Canada

Effective today, April 1, 2022, eligible travellers entering Canada will no longer need proof of negative Covid-19 test result on a PCR nor antigen COVID-19 test. Eligibility to Waived Testing Requirement Fully...

Can an Unvaccinated Person Board a Train or Plane?

Can an unvaccinated person board a train or plan in Canada? The quick answer is, generally “no”, but there are exceptions. Today’s post breaks down the current rules in place. Fully Vaccinated In...

72-Hour No Testing Requirement by Land Crossing Rule?

I have been asked a question in person quite a few times since November 8, 2021, when the United States opened its borders to more Canadians. So I thought it would make a post out of it. The question is:...

U.S. Land Border Open to Canadians

Effective today, November 8, 2021, Canadians can travel more freely across the U.S. land border. Granted there are some conditions to keep in mind. Conditions to Cross the U.S. Border Over the past 19...

All Canadian Air, Rail and Sea Travellers Must by Vaccinated

The Federal Government announced yesterday (October 6, 2021) that all travellers must be fully vaccinated by October 30, 2021 before boarding planes, trains or marine vessels. Who needs to be fully vaccinated? All...

Understanding the Current Canada-U.S. Border

There has been a lot of confusion on who can cross the Canada-United States border, seeing as each country has their own respective rules in place. Today, we will try to break down the highlights of each...

Airlines Asking Staff to Work for Free?

An article from CBC: Summer travel surge has WestJet and Air Canada asking for volunteer help is reporting that Canadian airlines are now asking their staff to work for free. The U.S. had Delta Air Lines...

Canadian Border Changes Effective Today

About a month ago, the Canadian government opened its borders, slightly, for U.S. residents. Though not fully open, travel restrictions were eased. Effective today, September 7, 2021, the exemption list...

Fully Vaccinated Americans can enter Canada?

Effective today (August 9, 2021), fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents of the United States can enter Canada and skip some of the quarantine rules. The rest of the world (i.e. other...

Conditions for Exemptions of Fully Vaccinated Canadian Travellers

Effective July 5, 2021, the Canadian will go from no exemption to some exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers (from land or by air) who meet specific conditions. There are no exceptions for partially-vaccinated...

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