Travelling Safely with Children

Today, we feature Zoe Williams, who is a Digital Content Researcher with Gov.UK. Today she will share with us ideas on how to travel more safely with children. Thank you for taking the time to write up this post Zoe! 

Travelling with your family is a truly special experience. Especially if you’re already an avid traveller, you’re sure to be keen to show your children all the wonder the world has to offer. It can be a great chance for them to develop and grow, and for you to grow stronger as a family.

However, travelling with young children in particular can be a daunting prospect. Whilst you know that you can take care of yourself in a new environment, it can feel overwhelming to consider how you might keep your children safe, whilst still letting them have their freedom and fun. Preparation is key to a successful trip – here, we share some top tips for making sure you all have a wonderful time.

Pre-trip preparation

Whilst toddlers won’t be able to comprehend what you’re saying, you can certainly talk to older children about some ground rules for during your trip. You don’t want to scare them, but making sure they know not to talk to strangers, and what they should do if they get lost can go a long way to easing your nerves.

You can also do some practical things to help in case you do get separated. Sew your phone number into their clothes, or get your family matching travel bracelets with your contact details on. If you pick their favourite colours, kids are more likely to see these as fun new accessories rather than anything to worry about.

Sun safety

Many families choose to go away in the summer holidays, when the weather is warm and there are more date options available. Whether you’re travelling in Canada or abroad, you’ll need to consider the impact of the sun, especially on young skin. Whilst the air temperature might not be any warmer than what you’d experience at home, the sun may be stronger, and excess UV radiation can cause skin cancer in later life.

To keep everyone safe, make sure that you’re all getting plenty of time in the shade, are hydrated and wearing a suitable level of sunscreen. You should also talk to your doctor before you travel if your child is on any medication, as some can cause children to become more sensitive to sun. Additionally, some medications may not be as effective when stored in high temperatures.

Water safety

One of the joys of going on holiday is a splash in the sea or in the pool. Children tend to love the novelty of being allowed to spend hours in the water, and it’s new experiences like this that can offer lasting memories.

However, whilst many children will take swimming lessons at home, they’re usually supervised – holiday swimming tends to be a more relaxed affair. Although there might be a lifeguard around on holiday, it’s still good practice to talk to children about how to behave around water, including no running, avoiding rough play, and only diving or doing tricks with an adult’s approval and supervision.

For older children, it can be worth covering the basics of CPR, or how to raise the alarm should something go wrong. Even if you have teens in the family, you shouldn’t leave them in sole charge of young children around water – making safety a shared responsibility can help everyone have a great time.

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