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[READER QUESTION] Thoughts on Airline Cash Refunds (Props to Flair Airlines)

Today’s post was inspired by one of our readers who suggested that we write more posts regarding the following idea: “Let’s get a bit bold and post articles making airlines accountable for...

Updated “Understanding Credit Cards” Due to Changing Times

We generally have 2 types of article on our blog: (1) posts (more date sensitive) and (2) pages (more up to date information). Posts are what we publish regularly that is date and time stamped (information...

Updated Pointshogger 101 Due to Changing Times

With all that’s been happening in the world and more specifically in the rewards industry, it was time to revamp our Pointshogger 101 page. Milestones You may have noticed a theme on our site, ever...

How Is Cashback Profitable for Credit Card Companies?

Today we feature Michael, who is an economics major with a passion for finance management and helping you find your way through the intricate modern financial system. He also enjoys travelling and pursuing...

Time for Cash Back?

The longer this pandemic (COVID-19) drags on, the more some people may be wondering whether they should take a pause with earning airline miles or hotel points. So what’s the alternative? Cash Back? If...

Government Quarantines People with COVID-19 in Hotels

Disclaimer: The point of this post is to keep the idea more open-ended so that more people (government, hospitals, saving jobs, infected people, etc.) can benefit. If you do not think that this is a good...

Is it Time for a New Credit Card?

Pointshogger reader, Danielle, from Fintel Connect, sent us a very relevant question: “Is this the time for a new credit card?”  We will respond to this with a short and long answer below....

There has to be Something Else to Write About!

Hey Everyone, I hope that everyone is safe at home. We are writing this post in a letter format hoping that it feels a little more personable. With the travel industry coming to a virtual halt and daily...

COVID-19 Updates for Canadians

We created a tab on the menu bar for the most recent COVID-19 updates on as many relevant loyalty programs that affect Canadians.  Since the page will be continually updated, you may not see a snap shot...

Miles and Points Strategy While Staying at Home

There are probably a lot of topics that I will be introducing in this post that probably merit a more full blown post. If there is something that you would like me to elaborate on, please let us know in...

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