Marriott Hotels & Resorts (Marriott Bonvoy)


[PROMOTION] Marriott Bonvoy – Week of Wonders

Marriott Bonvoy launched its “Week of Wonders” promotion where members can redeem points at off-peak rates. The stay has to be booked by October 14, 2021 for stays between October 14, 2021 to October 31, 2021 at all its 7,000+ hotels around the world.

Below is a refresher of Marriott’s Reward chart. I put in bold the off-peak rates for each category. 

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30% American Express Transfer Bonus to Hilton and Marriott

A few days after I wrote my comparison post regarding the U.S. and Canadian American Express Membership Rewards program, and I mentioned that we rarely see transfer bonuses in Canada as we do in the U.S., in pops a 30% hotel transfer bonus. This offer runs from September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. 


[PROMOTION] Marriott Bonvoy Fall Bonus Points

Marriott Bonvoy is currently running bonus points opportunities that run well into the fall, but only begins a week from today. Members will need to register for this offer.


Below are the highlights of this promotion:

Bonus points are issued for stays between September 14, 2021 and December 12, 2021

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Current Hotel Elite Status and Points Expiry Extensions

See also: COVID-19 Updates for our most up-to-date tracking. 

For some parts of the world, travel seems to be opening up, especially in the United States. However, in other places like Canada, travel restrictions continue, and are as strict as they have been. So many people have been unable to generate activity on some of their hotel loyalty programs to keep their accounts active.


Marriott Bonvoy’s Global Promotion

Current Members Double-Double Promotion

Marriott is offering a double-double promotion. Registration is required (must be done before April 13, 2021) to be eligible to earn 2x the elite night credits and 2x the points for stays of 2 consecutive nights or longer. The promotion is valid for stays between February 16, 2021 and April 27, 2021 at participating properties in Marriott Bonvoy.


[PROMOTIONS] Marriott Bonvoy 2021 Updates

Marriott Bonvoy made some new announcements regarding certain promotions, and we also mentioned a reminder of things that carried over from the year before.

Seems like the first part of 2021 is going to be a tough time to travel. Keep in mind that at Pointshogger, we do not endorse any sort of unnecessary travel. However, if you do have an essential trip, do watch out for these promotions to help boost your accounts.


[PROMOTIONS] Marriott Bonus Points Purchase and Cyber Sale

Marriott Bonvoy is offering several deals all at once to close out the month of November. Below are the highlights of some of their current and upcoming offers.

Just a quick disclaimer. Even though we are no endorsing unnecessary travel, we understand that there are people who do absolutely have to travel for work. And for those who do want to take a vacation, have fun, but please be careful!