Updated “Understanding Credit Cards” Due to Changing Times

We generally have 2 types of article on our blog: (1) posts (more date sensitive) and (2) pages (more up to date information). Posts are what we publish regularly that is date and time stamped (information found on each individual post). When reading our posts, it is important to refer to the date and time stamp to ensure that the information you are reading is accurate. What is good about this information is that we can refer back to “what was offered back then”.

While our pages, found on the menu bar, are updated regularly, so you will not see the historical information, as the old data is deleted once updated.

About a week ago, we updated our Pointshogger 101 page, which is really the first page that we recommend new people to read. The second page to read is the “Understanding Credit Cards” page. After reading these two pages and establishing some foundation, the regular posts will make a lot more sense.

Changing Times

The reason we have certain pages that we continually update is because the industry is changing frequently. We started accumulated series of posts that track the ever changing times in the industry. Today’s post marks another milestone that adds to the ever growing list:

Understanding Credit Cards

The Understanding Credit Cards page is a more detailed explanation of Step 5 on Pointshogger 101, which talks about choosing the right credit card. In Canada, there are 4 main ways to earn rewards, which are broken down into:

  • pure cash back
  • fixed value
  • transferable points
  • co-branded / program specific

The update provides a detailed explanation of each category mentioned above. Keep in mind that we still recommend diversifying your portfolio. So having a combination of cards will maximise your rewards portfolio more than putting all eggs into one basket.

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