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10% Cash Back on Fire!

I wrote a post a few months ago talking about how the longer this pandemic (COVID-19) drags on, the more some people may be wondering whether to switch to a cash back portfolio instead?

Today, I would like to update that post with some additional information to complement that post.

10% Cash Back Offers and Above

Currently, there are even more companies offering 10% welcome bonus cash back offers (whether as a permanent or temporary offer).

Temporary offers

These are companies that have or currently offer 10% cash back bonuses on their cards which specific start and end dates.

  • Meridian Visa Infinite Cash Back Card
  • Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card
  • TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card
  • CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite Card

Permanent offers

These are companies who currently offer permanent 10% bonuses. But this also means that it can end at any time.

  • Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card
  • American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card
  • ManulifeMONEY+ Visa Infinite

Note that you can always refer to our top current cash back credit cards page for more up to date promotions.

Rotate and Repeat Cycle

If you rotated only between those cards, you can be earning 10% cash back on all purchases year round. This is referred to as churning, which is frowned upon by credit card companies. You can refer to my previous post on how to mitigate issues with credit card companies.


The travel industry has not recovered from pre-pandemic numbers and it might be a while longer before it gets to that point.

So for those of you who have been switching to earning cash back, this is as good as time as any to go for it!

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