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Maximising Value of Cineplex’s CineClub

Our previous post entitled: “Is the Cineplex’s CineClub Worth it?” has been quite popular as of late. So we thought we would dive a little deeper into the value of the program.

A little background first. Scotiabank has entered into a joint venture with Cineplex to own and operate a rewards program called Scene+, which has gone through a major revamp the past couple of years. Previously, Scene+ was solely controlled by Cineplex. More on Scene+ later in the post.

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Is the Cineplex’s CineClub Worth it?

Cineplex’s rewards program, Scene+, has gone through a major revamp the past couple of years. One of its latest additions is the CineClub paid membership designed for movie lovers, but there is more to it. Today, we will break down the features and benefits of the program to see how to maximize its value, and whether it is worth it.


Rundown of the Scene Program (updated December 6, 2021)

It has been over 2 years since our last full rundown of the Scene Rewards program (minus a feature update). So we are long overdue for an update, so let’s get going. 

Expiry Policy

As with most rundowns of loyalty programs that do, we start with the expiry policy, since this seems to be a big issues for anyone looking to get the ball rolling into the miles and points world. 

Will Movie Theatres Ever be the Same?

Today’s post is inspired by an article on CBC that reported that Cineplex lost $98.9-million in the second quarter, which represents a 90% decrease in revenue. To further the woes, the previously announced Cineworld takeover is now scrapped. 

You may notice that I put a lot of emphasis on Cineplex, as they control the largest percentage of movie goers in Canada, as well as offer a competitive loyalty program called Scene Rewards.

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Loyalty Program COVID-19 Updates

Loyalty programs across the board have implemented temporary solutions to deal with any COVID-19 related matters. Below is a list of hyperlinks to useful information. I also included a small blurb for each company that may be more commonly relevant.

I tried to include companies more relevant to Canadians, but please let us know in the comment section below if you see any other links that we can add to the list (in alphabetical order).

Getting Paid in Scene Points? Unlimited Movie Passes at Cineplex Theatres?

You may have read about this recently but Cineplex (who runs loyalty program Scene Rewards) was bought out by a British media group, Cineworld. Shareholders approved this deal this month. As a result, Tanner Zipchen (pre-show host when you are waiting for your movie to start), was let go from his position. Turns out that he was being paid in Scene points?

Ok… the story is not that far fretched. Basically he was paid in Scene points when he first started working for Cineplex, before converting into a salary.

That being said, I was wondering how the Scene Rewards program would play out Cineworld taking over. I have so many questions. I held out writing this post until I got more details. So this is more of a preview post before I eventually write a full blown post when the things become more clear.


Happy Halloween! Rundown of the Scene Program 2019

Happy Halloween Everyone!

We continue our annual (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) tradition of providing a rundown of the Scene rewards program on this day. We did write a post back in March 2019 to discuss what to do ahead of the major changes that kicked in on April 17, 2019.

Today’s post will recap the program for what it is currently.