PointsU 1 Week Away!

It’s only a week away and I’m feeling both excited and nervous. Excited because I’ll be seeing everyone who are also in the Points and Miles Game and hoping you will also be sharing your stories with me. Nervous because I will be the only female speaker at the Canadian Points University conference in Toronto next week.

Although loyalty programs have always been around in Canada, The Points and Miles game has always seemed more popular with our fellow neighbours down South. It will be great to see how everyone copes with our fewer options available in Canada.

If you don’t already know, I will be taking over the Credit Card topic and sharing with you the different types of credit cards, how to maximize your benefits with them and also how credit score works.

As for fellow speakers, here’s what we got coming at you:

  • Dave and Deb from theplantd.com will be opening up the conference as our keynote speakers.
  • Avery from Don’t Call the Airline will be speaking about the kinds of U.S. credit cards which are available for Canadians.
  • Jeff from Rewards Canada will be our keynote speaker for the lunch hour.
  • Jeff from Canadian Kilometers will be speaking to us on how to maximize your redemptions for both hotel and air travel.
  • Stephen from How to Save Money will be covering the topic of points programs for the non travel hacker.
  • Ari from Award Magic will be speaking about how to redeem a more complex award.
  • Matt from A Whistle and A Light and Jayce from pointsnerd.ca will be speaking to us on how to maximize redemption with less.

There’s still time to purchase a ticket if you’re around the Toronto area. Tickets may be purchased through the Canadian Points University website. As a Pointshogger reader, you will have the opportunity to purchase the ticket for less with our promotional code located below.

If you’re interested in checking out PointsU Toronto on October 22nd, 2016, get your tickets now and reserve your spot at the conference. Use our promo code pointshogger and get $40 off! **UPDATE- You can still use the code, but the tickets are now regular price.

Don’t forget, there will be a happy hour before and after the conference. Hope to see you all there!


  1. No need to be nervous as you can give this talk without even any notes thanks to your knowledge and experience.
    I used your promo code for the $49 discount. Thank you.
    See you at the meeting.

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