Ottawa’s Hidden Gem, a Sweet Travel Spot for Fall

I recently has my first experience at an apple orchard in Osgoode, Ontario situated right outside of Ottawa.

Log Cabin (1)

Fall is coming, and we will usually think of Halloween, pumpkins and hayrides. Over the weekend, we decided to explore the outskirts of Ottawa only to find an apple orchard called Log Cabin. Living my entire life in Ottawa, I have never gone through the experience of apple picking, so this was especially exciting. Fortunately, this weekend they had just opened the orchards for Macintosh and Lobos so we would be the first ones to get our hands on these sweet apples.

Log Cabin (5)

Macintosh apples (not the computer) are best used as purees and pies. Being a first-timer at apple picking, I decided immediately I would purchase a half-bushel bag. The lady at the cash informed me I would be expecting about 100 apples in the bag I was holding and that if I wanted to pick the best apples I would have to take the hay ride to the furthest end of the orchard. The hay ride is located right outside the front door and comes around every 15 to 20 minutes. Oh, and it’s also free.

Log Cabin (4)

As you reach the deep ends of the orchard, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking; the air even seems fresher. I immediately took the opportunity to snap a few photos before jumping off the hay ride to begin my apple picking experience. Apple picking just isn’t apple picking if you don’t work hard for it right? I took this as a life tip and reached for the tallest apples. Result: this ended up being one of my toughest workouts for the week. On several occasions, I was distracted by the freshness of taking a bite into an apple as soon as it leaves its stem; the feeling was completely astonishing. For a short trip out of town, this turned into a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Log Cabin (2)

If you’re planning on travelling to Ottawa in the Fall, Log Cabin Orchard is an a sweet spot you wouldn’t want to miss out. It is a great place to spend some last moments outdoors before the harsh Canadian winter kicks in. At Log Cabin Orchard, you can also visit the apple gift shop, taste the apple cider churros, and take home some homemade baked good. Sometimes, life’s little pleasures come from the simplest things.

Log Cabin (8)

And if you’re worried about not being able to collect enough points or cash-back for the weekend, Log Cabin takes credit card payments for all purchases made.

Log Cabin (7)

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  1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for the suggestion it looks great! I would just be careful of Log Cabin Orchard though, I’ve heard they’ve run into some legal problems lately with customer service. I went and it is very lovely, but many of the recent reviews on it point towards a common problem!

    Great blog though, I’ve found many of these super useful 🙂

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