Marriott #RewardsPoints and Redeem on Mobile App

Marriott Rewards changing its #MRPoints program to #RewardsPoints. I think maybe this is another move towards integrating Ritz-Carleton and SPG into one rewards program. They may not longer want to only refer to their program as Marriott Rewards?

Social Media

The good news is that you can now earn even more points through social media. In the past, the earning potential was 2,500 points per year. The new potential is 45,000 points per year for engaging on social media.

To get the ball rolling, members can earn 750 points for connecting their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to their Marriott Rewards account. Furthermore, members can earn an additional 250 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram.

Be on the lookout for about 3-4 new bonus points campaigns each month.

Redeem Points for Free Nights with Marriott Mobile App

The Marriott Mobile App now allows its members to redeem their points to book a free night.


I have been pleasantly surprised with all the new offers by Marriott, since it’s merger with SPG. I hope that they continue the momentum.

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