25,000 Aeroplan + 50% Off Annual Fee with the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card (expired)

As the most recent promotion expires on the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, a new one arises. The new offer includes a 50% discount on the annual fee as well as a bonus with Shop.ca. Below are the highlights of the credit card offer:

  • $120 annual fee (discounted to $60 if you apply before October 30, 2015)
  • Earn 25,000 Aeroplan sign up bonus miles (earn 15,000 miles after your first purchases and the bonus 10,000 miles after 90 days if you apply before October 30, 2015)
  • Earn 3,000 Aeroplan miles (when you make a purchase on Shop.ca before December 31, 2015)
  • Get a $50 one-time discount at Shop.ca (when you make a purchase on Shop.ca before December 31, 2015)
  • Earn 1.5 Aeroplan mile on gas, grocery, drugstore and aircanada.com purchases
  • Earn 1 Aeroplan mile for all other purchases
  • Complimentary first checked bag, priority check-in and priority boarding
  • Receive 1 lounge pass to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

This offer is not available on the public website, so be sure to click the special link.

Getting 50% off the annual fee is always nice. The $60 is already paid for with the 25,000 sign up bonus and the $50 one-time discount at Shop.ca.

Note that you will not qualify for this entire offer if you already opened an account in the last 6 months.

The 50% annual fee will be reversed within 2 monthly statements from the date of the charge. So expect to see the full charge initially.

The 1.5 Aeroplan on aircanada.com purchases excludes: Air Canada Vacations packages, car rentals, hotel bookings, and other third party partner products and services that can be purchased through aircanada.com.


  1. This is a very dishonest post. As the author must know, an identical offer is available through gcr.ca, where you would get an additional rebate of $50. Obviously, the author only trying to score referral payments instead of looking out for the best interests of his readers.
    Honestly, I don’t understand the purpose of this blog. There is no reason to read this blog when you can read DCTA.ca instead. DCTA has analytical posts, and furthermore DCTA only links to the best available offer.

    1. Sorry for misleading you. It’s probably the wording “special link”. We actually don’t get any referral payment from people signing up on the TD link on above post. Hope this clarifies things.

        1. That’s a good idea. We’ll be certain in our next post to remind readers of deals from sites like GCR and encourage them to check those sites for great deals. If you find great deals like that feel free to post in the comments and share! Thanks!

  2. I will visit this site now and then to see what’s posted – as there is always something new posted – but as far as learning anything, I don’t, it’s like 30 seconds of my day. DCTA barely updates and he is just generally bitching about something. The top American sites, VFTW, OMAT, etc are really the only ones worth giving your time.

    1. I agree that DCTA bitches way too much, and doesn’t post enough. But at least he posts what’s important, and you can trust that he’s posting the best offer.

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