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[PROMOTIONS] IHG Rewards, Aeroplan, Bentley (expired)

Between November November 24, 2013 and December 2 2013, IHG Rewards is offering a 50% bonus when you purchase their points. We’ve seen the 100% bonus points promotion before, but if you have a specific rewards redemption that you have in mind and you are just short a few points, this is a great way to top up your account. However, I would not buy the points outright just to stockpile your account for the sake of taking advantage of the promotion.

The reason is because if you buy, for example, 20,000 points and get 10,000 bonus points, you will earn 30,000 points for $250 USD, which seems like a steep price to me. If you can burn those 30,000 on 6 Pointsbreak rooms for 5,000 each, then it can be worth it because $250 USD for 6 hotel nights is a fairly good deal. Otherwise, regular rewards nights start at 10,000, but those are far and few in between.

Another amazing promotion going on between November 24, 2013 and December 24, 2013 is between Aeroplan and Bentley. Normally you can earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Bentley. But now you can earn 7x the points for every $1 spent when you spend $150 or more. Bentley carries a variety of travel bags and luggage.

When I need to buy something, I always look for double dipping opportunities. In this case, let’s say I needed to buy a new carry-on bag. I would want to buy it now, whether it is to stock up for the future because one of them is starting to rip. Or I would have held off making the purchase until this type of promotion rolls around. That’s the way to take advantage of promotions like this. So often we see a promotion like this and we already missed out. The key thing is to make a purchase ahead of time because you know you will need it later on, or hold off on the purchase until a promotion like this rolls around. This promotion comes right in time for all those Christmas travellers, so I would take advantage while you can. Furthermore, look into triple dipping by buying things that are also on sale. I wouldn’t settle for regular price even with a promotion like this.

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