Aeroplan eStore Bonus up to 10x

Aeroplan’s eStore is offering their Black Friday promotions today.

You can earn up to 10x miles with some retailers, such as Coach, Fitflop.com, Nike, Sonos and Sephora. Most other retailers, you can earn between 4x to 6x.

Keep in mind that we often do see 5x bonuses throughout the year as a comparison. However, the 6x and 10x the bonus are definitely rare to see, if ever.

Also remember that Aeroplan Silver/Black status members earn an additional 2x, while Diamond members earn an additional 3x on the base earn.

Who Should Buy

If you already had purchases in mind, especially in time for Christmas, this may be a good time to load up on bonus miles. I would also ensure that the price that you are paying for the item is within your budget. I would not go out of the way to buy something that is at full price just for the sake of earning bonus miles.

This is probably a good time for me to link my shopping tips. I will be updating those tips towards the end of the year again!

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