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Air Canada Teams up with Etihad Airways

Starting today, Aeroplan members (Air Canada’s frequent flyer program) can accumulate and redeem miles with Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways is the National airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who currently operates flights to 76 destinations around the world, but expecting service to resume on other previous destinations.


There are a few notes to keep in mind regarding Etihad flights:

  • Fuel surcharges will not apply on Etihad operated flights.
  • Etihad flights will be subject to our Fixed Mileage Flight Reward chart (see below).
  • Members will be able to book Etihad flights online at aeroplan.com, as well as via our Contact Centre.
  • Etihad flights can be combined with flights operated by Air Canada and our other international partners.

Award Chart

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American Express Partnership Weakens

On a side note, this partnership also enhances Etihad’s existing relationship with Canada as you can convert American Express Membership Reward points to Etihad Airways. Considering that 1,000 Membership Rewards points = 750 Etihad Guest points (increments of 100 thereafter), there is an argument to be made that we are better off converting Membership Reward points to Aeroplan instead.

I have to add this in here, but I hope American Express ups their game rather than back away, because this is going to put some pressure on American Express’ partnership with Etihad, so looking forward to see how that plays out.


This is a big time GAME CHANGER to me with Aeroplan. This partnership has greatly increased the value of Aeroplan miles, especially since there are no fuel surcharges. I am really happy to see this happen!


  1. Is it a game changer? How is not possible to book with airlines in the Aeroplan family ? Usually booking from Canada, one is pushed to book with air Canada , hence fuel surcharges. Not much or never ever finding airlines with no or minimum fuel surcharges. My gut feeling , initially we might be able to book with Etihad and then no more tickets or minimum tickets when booking ..

    A game change is when one has access to multi airlines when booking and tickets available.

  2. Hi Matt

    Just a short note , one cannot book / find any rewards tickets on Eithad airlines to South Africa.
    for next yr , April, May, or June.
    The reason I am willing to book in advance such that my rewards points, definitely will be de- value by end of this year?

    Did you get any feed back to my previous posting?


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