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Rundown of Pioneer Bonus Bucks (updated July 17, 2014)

One of our Pointshogger readers asked about the Pioneer Bonus Bucks gas loyalty program. Every time you fill up at Pioneer Gas stations or make in-store merchandise purchases, you can earn cash back that case be used back at the station.

Below is the chart that explains the earning structure, depending on which grade of gas you are filing:

Pioneer Bonus Bucks Chart (1)

The higher the gas grade you buy, the more points you will earn. You will need to purchase a minimum amount of 10 litres to earn a base of 5 cents.  Natural gas does not qualify for Bonus Bucks.

Below is the reward chart for in-store merchandise purchases:

You need to purchase a minimum of $2 worth of merchandise, before taxes to qualify to earn cash back. The merchandise excludes tobacco, gift cards, prepaid long distance cards, prepaid cellular cards, and lottery ticket purchases (unless a special offer applies).

I do not have any Pioneer stations near my place, so I would not be using this points program. But if you do have stations available to you, you should definitely consider enroll to earn cash back. But at the end of the day, I usually focus on stations that offer the cheapest price and just diversify my earning opportunities. Whenever a brand offers a bonus promotion, that will usually be the station that I fill up at so that I can take advantage of all promotions available to us.

Gas has not been cheap for the past few years, so I really want to maximize the value that I can get back.

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