Another Hack, This Time BMO and CIBC

Is it just me or has there been a lot more fraud in the past 12 months or so?

This time, nearly 100,000 clients have been affected.

  • CIBC, more specifically their subsidiary, Simplii Financial, had more than 40,000 banking customers personal information stolen.
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO) also reported that up to 50,000 clients had their personal data stolen.

Even though Banks own insurance to protect your money, so they can refund what you lost, it is still very troubling when hackers are involved.

As the world becomes more digitally based, there is essentially going to be a continuous cyber war. Where online security needs to keep going up, while hackers continue to find ways around the system.

In terms of my suggestions. Along with the usual suggestions, i.e. stronger passwords, change them every now and then, etc. I highly recommend that you constantly check your accounts to ensure that all is in order. Once you see something suspicious, report it as soon as possible so that someone can action it. You never want to wait to report something suspicious.


  1. Unfortunately, it’s not really surprising to hear that big companies like BMO and CIBC are being hacked. I have taken plenty of steps to protect myself from internet hacking, because it has become so common. A few years ago I chose to add the best antivirus of 2016 to my computer, along with personal information protection, and a firewall. Changing your password should be frequent, because it’s one of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself!

  2. About 1 month ago, my online access from BMO was hacked. Hackers got through first line of defense but then couldn’t answer the secondary questions. BMO called me, cancelled my debit card, blocked access to online. Had to go in the branch to get a new debit card and restored online activity over the phone.

  3. each time we hear of a Hack We are told to Make OUR passwords more complex.! Problem is Its Not the USERS password that’s hacked. Imagine For one Minute hacking 100,000 individual Passwords Ie. like mine worth at the most $2000 on pay day after my normal Vultures Get at it Mine. Then Ive made it tough as I can to do it may take them 100,000 hours to complete the hack . It probably will only take 5 hours to crack the Master Password of the SERVICE IE CIBC ONCE done its a matter of reading the Contents of an OPEN BOOK. Its Not the user its the Provider who needs to Improve Encryption rule.
    I told Yahoo 2 years Before they were done for 500,000 users information compromised .
    The Rule to LOCK out the USER once 3 Wrong attempts were made Back Fires on Them locks the account the Hacker ( kiddie scripter ) Annoyance of the net can play and alter the password picking on a few users to Bully this way. It happened to me but this changed its pattern and the ability for me at least to Recover and re issue a password came and Other thing occurred to mess with my life. I then Closed the accounts and the outside issues Ceased I warned Yahoo and they insisted it was my Fault the Tech services assisted me in removing all the accounts I had Made to get around the problem and I have not used yahoo services since . Watching them get Hacked Seriously a few years Back.. Friends were complaining of issues and I gave them Yahoos Well hidden HUMAN CONTACT. After another year [passed they admitted to me it was their Master Password that was Compromised Hacking does apparently leave its Tracks. Those that Pointed to the Russians who hacked the DNC in 2016. I would love to hear the thoughts of A hacker who has is IDENTITY STOLEN and the difficulties in re establishing a new Legal Identity. It cost me over $750. The Emotional Crap they would suffer . they would never do it again The money is easy the Stress never heals .

    When will the Services stop blaming me with My ABCDEF 1 password. they don’t bother with individuals its the MASS then want .
    10 Cents from each user of the internet is one hell of a lot of money and who would miss that .

    Peter M.

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