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Rundown of WestJet Rewards (updated November 23, 2013)

WestJet has a program called WestJet Rewards. I feel that WestJet is a very underrated company, mainly because it does not fly overseas, aside from Central America.

In terms of its rewards program, 1 WestJet dollar equals to $1 towards a WestJet flight. WestJet dollars are very valuable and flexible because you can start redeeming your WestJet dollars starting at $25 to help reduce the cost of any WestJet flight ticket.

The earning ratios work as follows:

Spend between $1 to $1499 a year

  • Earn 1% in WestJet dollars on flights
  • Earn 0.5% in WestJet dollars on Vacation packages

Spend your next $1500 and $4499 a year

  • Earn a $35 WestJet dollars bonus
  • Earn 2.5% back in WestJet dollars on flights
  • Earn 1% in WestJet dollars on Vacation packages

Spend your next $4500 to $5999 a year

  • Earn a roundtrip companion flight to anywhere in Canada
  • Earn 2 free lounge passes
  • Earn 4 advance seat selection vouchers

Spend over $6000 a year

  • Earn a companion ticket to anywhere that WestJet flies
  • Earn 2 free lounge passes
  • Earn 4 advance seat selection vouchers

It really starts becoming a very generous return when you pass the $1500 mark. The lounge passes and companion passes are just icing on the cake for me. What I like more about WestJet than Air Canada is that you earn the 1% on WestJet flights regardless of the price. Compared to Air Canada where you only earn 25% of the points when you pay for Tango prices. Tango is usually the price we pay when we are looking for the cheapest flight ticket available on Air Canada.

So we are saving money on the actual flight ticket, but we loose out on 75% of the points that could have been earned. I hope that WestJet continues to remain competitive because they have a chance to take more market share.

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