Canada Day: Mid-Term Report

Happy Canada Day everyone!

It is also the time of the year where we publish our mid-term report. This post is written at the halfway mark of 2022. We published our 2022 New Year’s wish list back on January 1st and the final report will be published on New Year’s Eve.

Keep in mind that all wishes are generally a win/win/win scenario for everyone (rewards company, retailer and customer) involved in the transaction. Basically, we cannot expect companies to do more for the consumers unless they are getting something out of it. But a little back and forth can go a long way, rather than depending on one-way streets.

Grading System

Here’s a quick recap of the grading system:

  • A+ Exceeding expectations with nothing more to improve on (almost impossible to achieve this grade, but I listed it to put some perspective on the spectrum)
  • Awesome job
  • B+ Good job
  • B Decent, met expectations
  • Acceptable
  • Better than nothing 
  • E Nothing changed, no improvements
  • F Fail, went backwards

Now onto the mid-term report card of our wish list. Note that the items are listed in the order of preference.

1) Either a new co-branded airline or hotel loyalty credit card

For years now, still no progress here. Not even a rumour to work with?

Grade: E

2) One credit card company making a significant jump

Our most recent rankings was published on December 21, 2021 (see: Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions). Since then, there have been some all-time high sign up bonus promotions offered by different companies, but no one made any permanent additions or changes to their portfolio that warrant any significant movement in the rankings. The changes in the rankings are based on permanent modifications or offers, not temporary promotions.

Grade: E

3) More Progress Towards High Speed Trains

Some progress here with the Federal Government making an announcement on March 9, 2022: Government of Canada launches the next phase in the procurement process for High Frequency Rail. VIA Rail continues to work to implement High Frequency Rail service between its major rail centres (Québec City-Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto).

When reading through the proposal, you will see that this is going to take time. But at least there is a commitment and progress!

Grade: C

4) A Brand New Transferable Points Program or New Partnership

Grocery chain Empire joined an ownership group behind Scene+ loyalty program. As a results, Scene+ will have more resources to expand its program further. This to me is a significant move that will put some pressure on other loyalty companies in Canada to step up their game. So far, the increased competitiveness looks to benefit consumers. Let’s see how it plays out, but I am going to give this a very positive result.

Grade: B+

5) One Airline other than Air Canada Breaking Out

So far this year, it looks like Flair Airlines is the most aggressive Canadian airline who is looking to expand its fleet and service. If they do, they can take a larger market share. Just in time for travel opening back up. Flair already has a very creative way on costing to travel. The biggest complaint, they seem to be getting is their level of service. That to me probably has more to do with training and employees showing up to work happier (post for another day). If they can clean that up, they can really make their mark on Canadian travel.

Grade: B+


Keep in mind that the wish list is always a long shot to begin with, so any sort of progress is always a win in my books. So overall, this looks like it is shaping out to be a great year with progress and lots to look forward to!

What are your thoughts about our wish list? Please let us know in the comment section below!


  1. Isn’t Canada Day also some sort of Disappointment Day or Humiliation Day when Canada taxed ethnic Chinese people just because of their race? Terrible.

    1. My great grandfather had to pay the Head Tax and worked on the railroad, while my grandfather grew up without a dad. Depended on him to send money back only. So I understand.

      Either way. It’s still the mid-way point of the year for my report card on my miles and points wish list!

  2. There is the Brim Air France partnership that was announced, so there is at least indication of a new airline program/credit card partnership in the works. Hopefully it will be worthwhile.

    1. Yes, just an established partnership is good, cause they can always build on it. Just need to get the ball rolling. Thanks for the comment T!

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