Aeroméxico (Club Premier)

Rundown of Aeroméxico Club Premier for Canadians (updated May 27, 2019)

It has been more than 2 years since I last updated this post, so I thought it was due for an update as there are quite a few changes. Canada and Mexico have continued to strength their relationship as they offer more direct flights between each country. Essentially by-passing the United States. This post focuses on Mexico’s larger airline Aeroméxico, which offers a frequent flyer program called Club Premier.This post focuses on Aeroméxico and Club Premier from a Canadian perspective.


[AIRLINE] Aeroméxico Club Premier

We’ve written many posts regarding the United States, but very little has been written about the other North American country, Mexico. Aeroméxico is a major airline of Mexico, which is also one of 4 founding members of SkyTeam. When you fly with Aeroméxico, you can earn points with Club Premier. With Club Premier, you earn Premier Kilometers points.