Changes to the VIPorter Program

I just received an email from Porter Airlines informing members that there will be changes to its loyalty program, VIPorter that will come into effect on the week of September 14, 2015. Below are some of the upcoming changes to look out for.

Earning Structure

In the current earning structure, you earn a set number of points based on your purchased fare class. Essentially you can only earn points on airfare.

  • Firm Class (one-way flight) = 375 points
  • Flexible Class (one-way flight) = 750 points
  • Freedom Class (one-way flight) = 1500 points

The new program will allow you to earn points of other items including checked bags, seat selection and more. It looks like we’ll be earning points per dollar. No question that this is an exciting new way of earning points. So long as it is not offset by higher redemptions.

Redemption Schedule

In the current program, you need 7,500 points for any award flight, but the number of available award seats is limited, blackout dates, etc.

In the new program, the limitation is lifted and you will be able to use your points on any available flight. However, the number of points required for your award flight will depend on the fare. This may be tricky as it could be more beneficial on some situation and probably less beneficial in other situations.

Premium memberships

Currently, VIPorter does not have any elite status members.

The new program will be adding Premium membership tiers based on annual spending. With elite status, we will be able to access exclusive benefits, which is intriguing to hear.


This is an exciting time for Porter Airlines and its loyalty program. I actually have a good feeling about what’s in store for us!


  1. They should offer a branded credit card to compliment the new program. With a signup bonus and annual fee waived for the first year 😉

    1. Yes that would be nice! Especially considering that WestJet and Air Canada already have co-branded credit cards as well.

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