[AIRLINE] Expansion with Air North

There is always something exciting about an expanding airline. Air North is an Airline operated out of Whitehorse, Yukon.

Air North is adding a few new routes in 2014:

  • Ottawa, ON / Yellowknife, NT
  • Ottawa, ON / Whitehorse, YT
  • Whitehorse, YT / Yellowknife, NT

The reason I mention Air North is because flying to the Territories is known for high airfares, so hopefully this increased competition can soften the blow. One of the main attractions in the territories is the Northern lights.

Here is a rough estimate of one-way fares in Canadian dollars:

  • $337 all-in from Whitehorse to Ottawa (one-way)
  • $358 all-in from Ottawa to Whitehorse (one-way)
  • $300 all-in from Yellowknife to Ottawa (one-way)
  • $321 all-in from Ottawa to Yellowknife (one-way)
  • $274 all-in between Whitehorse and Yellowknife (one-way)

If you can find flights for these prices, then I find them quite reasonable. UPDATE – Air North Tweeted us saying that these are introductory fares that ended up January 16, 2014. Linking the nation’s capital to the capital of two territories is a very good move by the Air North, so kudos to them! Fun fact, Ottawa beat out Montreal and Toronto, as these two cities do not have service with Air North.

Now that Air North is on my radar, I am excited to see what other expansion and product enhancement ideas they will have.

Recommended next steps for Air North: In addition to continuing to expand their service (Montreal, Toronto, as well as Anchorage, Alaska), somewhere down the line, hopefully when business picks up, they will have a frequent flyer program.

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