[BUS] Greyhound Canada Shutting Down

After almost a hundred years, Greyhound Canada is shutting down its domestic service. The buses will still run until the end of day today, but by midnight, they will be out of Canada. Cross border service will continue with the United States from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver once the travel restrictions loosen up.

It looks like Greyhound Canada is not able to survive due to a sharp decline in passengers over the past year. I am still shocked that they are closing up shop. I understand that the reduction in service was a big hit on their financials, but completely leaving Canada?

On the one hand, I am also somewhat concerned about losing a transportation option. They may push more people towards the train and even airlines. Otherwise, I can see car pooling services see an uptake.

On the other hand, I do hope that it gives VIA Rail a bump in business. As long as they do not drastically increase their fares due to lower competition, they can really benefit from this once travel restrictions are lifted.

Either way, this is still a sad day overall for the transportation industry in Canada.


  1. This is sad. Buses have been a great option for so many people, even those who have cars. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to use a long-distance bus than our own car. If they leave, other companies get their chance as travel opens up. Like you I also do hope trains won’t go up in prices.

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