Happy Canada Day! Mid-Year Report

Canada Day is the mid point of the year, so this is a good a time as any for a mid-term report from my 2015 wishes. Last year’s mid-year report wasn’t too great. Let’s take a look at how things played out this year. Below is how my 2015 wishes financial institutions, loyalty programs and the transportation industry faired so far:

1) More transfer bonuses between programs

  • RBC Rewards (Avion) has continued its WestJet and Avios transfer bonuses, but not for American Airlines. I am uncertain if we will ever seen another transfer bonus from Avion to American Airlines. American Express Membership Rewards is also currently offering a transfer bonus to Avios. I am so glad to see transfer bonuses alive!

2) More incentive to retain a credit card beyond the first year fee waived

  • This was probably a pipe dream. I doubt this will happen any time soon.

3) More co-branded credit cards

4) More reward availability

  • Ideaworks seems to have ranked Aeroplan fairly high in terms of award availability. Though with more and more people using loyalty programs, I think that any increase in award seats will probably be a wash in terms of the proportion of seats available when the time comes to redeem your points.

5) Improved safety and security for travellers

  • Wikipedia actually has a page that tracks all the aviation incidents.

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