[HOTEL REVIEW] Fairmont Chateau Laurier (Ottawa, Ontario)

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I recently went to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa Ontario for an event. If you’re looking for a romantic upscale hotel to stay in Ottawa, this is one of the places to be. Very classy type of hotel, right in downtown, just a few minutes walk from the Parliament and right at the By-Ward Market, Rideau Centre and Convention Centre. In terms of location, this is as good as it gets in Ottawa.

Who Should Stay here?

However, if you’re just coming to Ottawa to hang out with your buddies, this probably isn’t the best hotel to stay at. I understand that they are very strict about their noise policy; understandably so. This is really more for a romantic getaway and I’m guessing for a few politicians who want to be close to the Parliament.

Just don’t forget about earning Fairmont President’s Club points.


The hotel also has a restaurant for high tea. The restaurants and reception rooms in the hotel are very nice, so if you’re thinking of having a convention, wedding or formal party somewhere, I would at least inquire about the options that they have for you.


Because the hotel is located at an intersection, the views of each angle are very nice. The hotel covers a wide area, so each room has a very different view; however, don’t get a room on the Mackenzie Avenue side of the building because much of your view is blocked by a condo.

Suggest Renovations

However, for such an iconic building, they could use a facelift. The hotel was recently sold. No major changes are expected, but there might be some slight renovations. The reception desk in the lobby could use an upgrade. I would also recommend a few extra windows or bigger windows looking into the Garden in the middle. The hotel is shapped like a “U” and it has a garden inside the “U”, but it is very difficult to see from the inside of the hotel. There is a lot of potential there.

Here are a few pictures inside the hotel to share with you:

Chateau Laurier (1)

Chateau Laurier (2)

Chateau Laurier (3)

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