[HOTEL REVIEW] InterContinental Toronto Centre (Toronto, Ontario)

I have stayed at the InterContinental in downtown Toronto a few times. I needed to be in downtown for different reasons each time, including: (1) out of convenience; (2) for business trips; and (3) because I was able to get a good deal during low season.

The pros

The hotel is very nice and well renovated. The rooms are very comfortable and the view is amazing nor matter which room you stay on, as long as you’re are at least on floor 10 and up. I had the view of the CN Tower a few times, so that was pretty hard to beat. I’m a big fan of lights, so I really enjoy how the CN Tower lights up at night. The customer service is great and I ordered room service a few times. The food came quicker than expect and the food was pretty good, though I’m not a very picky eater. The prices are not outrageous either, considering that you would expect it to be very high to begin with.

The cons

I do not have InterContinental Royal Ambassador status, so the perks were pretty much nothing that normal members would not already get.

Overall, I still enjoyed my stays and I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone, so long as you find the right price that fits your budget. But I would not overpay for this hotel, because there are better options out there.

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