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[AIRLINE] Household Accounts with British Airways

British Airways’ loyalty program, Executive Club, offers an amazing program called the Household Account program.

The Household Account is free to create and it allows you to pool all the Avios points earned in one household into one account. You can include up to 6 additional people into a Household Account.

To set up a Household Account, one person will be designated the head of the household. This person must already be an existing Executive Club member who will receive all communications about the account and will be the only person with administrative powers (to add or remove Members or change the home address). Changes to the registered Household Account address can only be made once every six months.

It doesn’t matter if the rest of the household are existing members, they can still sign up as part of the Household Account application process. Even though everyone is part of the Household Account, each person will still continue to collect Tier Points and move through the tiers of the Club individually. Each person will also be able to spend points earned in the Household Account. When points are spent, points will be deducted at a proportional amount from each member’s balance.

Once you have a Household Account, you can create a list of family and friends. The Family and Friends list allows Executive Club members who are part of a Household Account to redeem for up to five nominated individuals who do not live at the same address.

Just like with an individual account, the points in the Household Account will not expire so long as there is an activity at least once every 36 months.

I am very excited about the Household Account and I look forward to continued improvements. This is a very family friendly program and I would like to give 2 thumbs up to Executive Club!

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