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How Does Roomer Work?

Today we are featuring Pointshogger contributor, Stacey Upfalow, from Roomer, who will explain to us how the Roomer app and website works. Roomer allows you to book discounted hotel rooms from people who’ve had to cancel their trips. 

Upgrade Your Summer Travel

Roomer offers discounts on canceled luxury hotel rooms

Someone else’s loss is now your travel gain. How? Remember that time you booked a hotel and were super excited to go on vacation but at the last minute your work schedule got in the way or your daughter came down with the flu? In an instant, your vacation plans were shot and there you were, stuck eating the cost of the non-refundable hotel room you were no longer going to be able to enjoy. Fear not, savvy traveler; this will never be your story again.

Meet Roomer

Roomer is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling non-refundable hotel rooms. The idea for Roomer came to CEO Gon Ben David when a volcano erupted in Iceland and his flight to New York was canceled. Gon, being a budget conscience traveler, had booked a non-refundable hotel room, which he was now stuck paying for and unable to use. Out of his frustration, Roomer was created to give travelers a chance to sell hotel rooms they’re unable to use.

The Roomer process is simple for buyers and sellers: after signing up on the website, users submit a few details about the room to be sold including the price to sell it for. Roomer will create a listing, provide all hotel and booking information and promote the room. When another traveler buys the room through Roomer, Roomer pays the seller securely and safely through the Roomer Payment Guarantee and Seller Protection Policy.

Rooms can be purchased on Roomer by searching the site with a specific destination and travel date or, for the more flexible, by top destinations or the most amazing deals & discounts. Once dates and hotel have been selected, users use the “Book” button and reserve the room. A confirmation email is sent with all of the booking information.

Roomer Travel AppRoomer Travel App

Luxury Summer Travel at Half the Cost

Summer is just around the corner and you’ll be buying sunblock in bulk before you know it. When considering how to use this year’s accumulated PTO, the decision most Canadians’ minds might be, “Where’s somewhere warm that I can spend my days unwinding or exploring.”

Your choices are abundant, regardless of whether or not your budget is. On Roomer, you can score a deal of up to 85% off on getaways ranging from a romantic getaway (hello sun-soaked beaches of Mexico) to a fun-filled family trip to Disney World.

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for US summer travel due to its spectacular pools and beachfront properties that dot the coast. For a romantic getaway, try the 4-star Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, Florida in June and save 62%, knocking the price down to a mere $63 per night. Or for a more exotic location, a trip to Santorini, Greece could be just what you need. At the 5-star Astro Palace, you can save 23% in May and watch the spectacular sunset from the infinity pool.

A family of four on a Disney adventure can save 55% on a June stay at the 4-star Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal Hotel; at on $57 per night, your savings can buy you plenty of Disney souvenirs to take home back up north.

If you’re looking to stay in Canada and embark on a staycation, Roomer currently has some great deals in Toronto during June. Staycations can be a great way to rediscover your city or treat yourself to a few nights “away” minus the cost of a flight. Stay at a 4-star hotel and save up to 31% on a 2 night stay, 3 night stay or 5 night stay.

With luxury hotel rooms up to 85% off, make sure you check Roomer first to find the best deals. And, should anything every happen that causes you to cancel you travel plans, remember that you can always sell your room on Roomer!

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