How I Manage all My different Loyalty Accounts (updated January 30, 2020)

A frequent question that I get is how do I track all my loyalty programs, because it is too much work to remember so many passwords. Very true, because I need to log into some 40+ accounts. My short answer has always been AwardWallet. The next question is how do I fit all these loyalty cards in my wallet? Do I walk around with more than 1 wallet? Short answer to that is Stocard.

Tracking my Loyalty Accounts

Note that our AwardWallet link is a referral link. Please support us by signing up for an account using our link. Thanks ahead of time! 

Even though this may seem like a marketing post for AwardWallet because I provided my referral link, I have no direct links with AwardWallet. This is more of a personal review of the website. It just happens that AwardWallet are generous enough to provide a benefit to ALL its members to refer other users. Basically, if we get 5 referrals, we get a coupon code to upgrade our accounts to be a Plus member. So there is no monetary value in the referral.

Onto the review. AwardWallet is my go-to-App for monitoring all my accounts. I use them because they have strong Canadian ties, which includes popular Canadian loyalty programs, such as:

AwardWallet is a one stop shop that allows you to monitor all your account balances as well as store all your password. The biggest concern is obviously security, which I will discuss more in general below in its own section.

But in terms of security specifically towards AwardWallet, personally, I am comfortable with AwardWallet since I started using them back in 2013. They have been around since 2004, so they already had a 9 year track record and lots of credible review when I signed up. Also, just like any other website, there is always a risk of hacking, there’s no doubt.

My recommendations to increase security with your AwardWallet account are:

  • Use a trusted Internet connection when logging in
  • Strong password
  • Change password routinely

Features of AwardWallet

On a more positive notes. Below are the key features that I find most useful:

  • Ability to view most of my loyalty programs in one place (there are a few exceptions that they do not have a partnership with).
  • Ability to automatically update all my balances at once, without needing to log in one by one.
  • Ability to see most of my travel itineraries.
  • Ability to monitor the balances for family and friends on their behalf. This is a game changer for me, because it allows me to help my close family with their programs. If your family is like mine, they probably do not have the patience for it and probably miss out.
  • Receive emails with alerts (e.g. upcoming miles and points expiry), changes (e.g. flight time changed) and reminders (e.g. check-in to my flight).

Other Loyalty Accounts

For all other loyalty accounts that cannot be tracked on AwardWallet, I have to keep a spreadsheet somewhere safe with all the relevant information.

Storing my Loyalty Cards

Unlike AwardWallet, Stocard does not currently have a referral program, so this is a pure review.

This App has changed the game for me. What I mean is, if there was ever a time when I hesitated to sign up for a loyalty program, because “adding one more card in my wallet” is too much of a hassle, this has solved my issue.

Benefits of Stocard

Stocard is an App that allows you to store your loyalty cards digitally. So when you go to the store, you just pull up the App and they scan the barcode.

Another major benefit is sharing or pooling with family and friends. For example, I do not collect any Plum points as I do not shop there frequently. So I have my sister’s card stored in my account so that she can earn the points when I do shop there.

Limitations of Stocard

Because of this App, I no longer carry physical loyalty cards in my wallet anymore. And some companies, like Pioneer Bucks or Esso Extra do not allow me to redeem my points unless I have the physical card. I can only earn.


This has been an extremely sensitive matter and the world gets more and more connected. We provided our own recommendations on how to better protect your information

We also teamed up with Capital One twice to provide more extensive information on how to better protect yourselves. Below are the two direct links to our previous posts:


  1. Hey Matt…great article…thanks. I’ve been using Stocard for a while now and like not having to carry a stack of loyalty cards around with me.

    As for Esso Extra…I have their app on my phone. They allow you to redeem electronically from the app in the store.

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