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Today, we are featuring the CEO of ASMALLWORLD, Jan Luescher, a global community united by a shared passion for luxury travel. We are always excited to see a platform that gives people an opportunity to share ideas for everyone’s benefit. Keep up the good work Jan and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with us!

1) Please tell us about yourself and your role with ASMALLWORLD.

My name is Jan Luescher and I became a member of ASMALLWORLD in 2006. Then, in 2016, I took over as the CEO of the company to transition the company from an exclusive social network to what it is today, a community focused on luxury travel.

2) What is ASMALLWORLD about?

We have a passion for the good life. Or to be more specific, ASMALLWORLD combines social networking elements with travel services for luxury travellers. We operate the ASMALLWORLD Collection, our own hotel booking platform, focused on luxury hotels which customers can book with extraordinary ASMALLWORLD VIP benefits which they will receive free of charge! We also offer memberships with air miles packages from Miles & More, Emirates and Etihad so customers can buy their next Business and First-Class flights a lot cheaper. And all of that is wrapped into our global community of travel enthusiasts who share their travel trips, experiences, and tips through our discussion boards and member posts. The community element is important to us, and we host more than 600 events all around the world to give our members a chance to meet in real life. Many places claim to be a community, but we truly are one.

3) What should Canadians specifically look out for with your site?

Canadians can join our global travel community and connect with other members from all around the world online or at our events. And even if they are not looking to meet other members, they can still take advantage of the ASMALLWORLD Collection, our luxury hotel booking platform, or read articles from our travel blog to get travel inspiration for their next trips.

4) What are you working on going forward?

We are constantly working to expand our hotels selection for the ASMALLWORLD Collection and grow our community and events to further connect even more travel enthusiasts worldwide. We have some major changes coming up this year, and we are looking forward to sharing them with Canadians, and the world!

5) We’re closing in on our ten-year anniversary. Do you have any thoughts for us as we embark on our next 10 years?

First of all, congratulations on your ten-year anniversary! As you embark on your next 10 years, I would encourage you to continuously seek ways to provide value to your customers as the go-to Canadian rewards blog. However, with your dedication to providing valuable insights and expertise, I have no doubt that Pointshogger will continue to be a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration for your travel-savvy members for years to come. I wish you the best of luck!

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