[INTERVIEW] CEO of Rogers Bank – Connections Mastercard

Today, we are happy to interview Lisa Durocher, CEO of Rogers Bank, who will share the launch of the new Rogers Connections MasterCard. Thank you Lisa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. Looking forward to what you are working on! 

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Please tell us about yourself and your role with Rogers?

As a member of the executive leadership team at Rogers Communications, I lead Financial and Emerging Services, and I am CEO of Rogers Bank. I head up a talented team that drives our mandate to deliver innovative financial products and services, helping Rogers bring more value to our customers every day.

I bring a diverse approach to my leadership of Rogers Bank, guided by my more than 20 years of experience across industry-leading financial services, technology and consumer goods companies, in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe. Prior to my role leading Rogers Bank, I was Chief Digital Officer at Rogers Communications. I love driving change and innovation and creating new ways to solve problems for our customers.

2. Please tell us more about this NEW Rogers Connections Mastercard Launch?

The new Rogers Connections Mastercard is the latest addition to our suite of reward-rich credit card options for Canadians. The card offers compelling benefits to help our cardholders get even more from their Rogers products and services, which is an exciting new way for Rogers Bank to deliver value to our millions of Rogers customers from coast to coast.

The Rogers Connections Mastercard comes with cash back rewards, including 2% on eligible U.S. dollar purchases and 1% cash back on other eligible purchases. However, what is most interesting are the Rogers benefits that no other credit card in the market can provide.

The Rogers Connections Mastercard comes with five Roam like Home days at no cost each year, helping wireless customers stay connected as Canadians get back in the swing of regular travel. When it’s time to redeem cash back, there’s a 30% bonus on the earned cash back value when customers redeem for Rogers purchases including phone upgrades, wireless accessories, or their monthly Rogers bill. With this new card, it truly pays off to be a Rogers customer.

More information about the new card is available at Rogers Bank Connections Mastercard.

3. Why did Rogers decide to go into the credit card industry?

Rogers Bank has been issuing credit cards to Canadians since 2013 with a goal of delivering financial products and services that enhance our customers’ experience. Nearly a decade after issuing our first credit card, we remain committed to that vision as we expand and enhance our portfolio to create products that fit our customers’ needs.

Technology is driving innovation in payments, with wireless devices like smartphones revolutionizing not only the way we live and work but also how we pay. As a telecommunications company, delivering products in the credit card space is a natural extension of what we do.

We know that Rogers is big part of people’s daily lives. Our technology and media services help our customers stay connected to a world of possibilities and the moments that matter. This is a relationship we are committed to, and we take very seriously. Our credit cards are designed to help unlock more value for our customers and help them get even more out of the Rogers services that they are already using every day.

4. What else can we look forward to with Rogers Bank?

We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us at Rogers Bank, with product updates and developments on the way that will bring even more benefits to our customers while helping to deliver on some of the gaps and trends we’re seeing in the marketplace. We are interested in building products that make our customers’ relationship with Rogers easier and more rewarding, and you’ll see us focusing on innovation that differentiates our offering from both other banks and other telecommunications companies. With the future of 5G and open banking converging, we see tremendous opportunity to solve problems for our customers in new ways.

5. Any closing thoughts?

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Communications, innovation is in our DNA. Our networks are fueling the transformation of entire industries, and the way we live, work and play. The banking industry, and the way consumers pay, are all part of that transformation. It’s an incredibly interesting time to be in my position as we envision the future for Rogers Bank with the power of that innovation mindset, as we look to deliver the financial products and services for Canadians now and into the future.


  1. Great article! At first I thought Rogers was now in the online banking business! Either way, it is good that there is some more offerings in the credit card market; competition is good for consumers like us.

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