[INTERVIEW] Musician Curt Anderson

Today, we are interviewing Curt Anderson (Curt Anderson Media), a well-travelled musician, who is working on a Travel TV series. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and good luck on your show Curt!

1) Please tell us about yourself and and Curt Anderson Media.

We’re all about creating entertainment that makes a positive impact on people. When the company name has my own name in it, it’s gotta represent who I am. I don’t always get it right, but I want every single person in my life and people I come in contact with to know they are seen, loved, important, valuable. It’s what my music has always been about touring nearly sixty countries, and it’s what my new tv show, The Adventure: Lifechanging Travel is all about…enjoying the journey just as much as enjoying the destination.

Sidebar—I legit geek out about clever flight routings. There were a couple years where I routed most of my Australia and Asia dates through Vancouver to take advantage of the awesome Premium Economy and Business Class fares out of YVR on CX and JL. I had a concert in Seoul, South Korea on a Tuesday, Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday, then a couple hours outside Vancouver on a Thursday. I landed at YVR and got to the venue an hour before the show. It was…exhilarating!

2) What is your favourite place that you have visited and why?

There’s truly something to love everywhere. I love Paris for different reasons than London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, Rio, Marrakech…

I’ve spent months at a time in Australia over the years, nearly thirty visits to the country. It feels like another home, with lifelong friends. Beyond that, I love that feeling of being somewhere new and experiencing something that I’ve previously only seen on tv, movies, or in books. Temple ruins in Cambodia, exploring Old Tallinn, Estonia or the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt on a layover, or my first time seeing a wild kangaroo, monkey, zebra, or elephant in their natural habitat…those things that jolt your senses. But one of the most memorable things for me—and I could tell you story after story—is experiencing the kindness of a stranger in a place. The woman who hailed a cab and paid the driver to take me to the airport at 4am on my first time overnighting in Hong Kong because the subway wasn’t running yet, the man in a little shop in Anguilla who bought me a magnet so I’d remember to visit his country again. Those connections leave a lasting impact.

3) I understand that you are trying to launch a TV Travel show, can you please tell us what this is about?

The show is called The Adventure: Lifechanging Travel. Imagine if Queer Eye or Extreme Home Makeover were travel shows; I’ll surprise deserving people who’ve been nominated by friends or family where they’ll join me on an incredible travel adventure somewhere in the world. “When you discover the world, you discover yourself. One adventure at a time.” Throughout my life, I’ve experienced the incredible impacts of travel, and through this show I’ll get to help others have life-changing experiences that encourage and propel their own story. Along with my crew of travel show veterans and Emmy Award winning Producer Jim Johnston (who pioneered reality tv with MTV/Bunim-Murray’s Real World and Road Rules), I’ll use this pilot to pitch the show to major networks and streaming services.

4) If someone wants to get involved, how can they participate?

I have an Indiegogo campaign ending February 10 seeking to raise the last 10% we need to produce the pilot episode. (Thanks for numerous globally-recognized brands and the tourism board of our destination country, 90% of my production budget has been covered).

People can contribute any amount and get some cool rewards (like their name in the credits, a postcard or souvenir from the destination country, behind-the-scenes production footage, a show premiere event). And, anyone who contributes $25 or more will be entered into a drawing for a weekend getaway including roundtrip airfare and two-nights’ accommodations for two people anywhere in North America or the Caribbean (or, if the winner lives outside North America, travel will be within their home country or region). And for safety and convenience, they’ll have two years to redeem the prize. When the show debuts on their televisions, they’ll get to say they were a part of making this show happen!

5) Any closing thoughts?

I appreciate you taking the time to chat and share about The Adventure! A huge thank you to readers who contribute—I’ll look forward to connecting with them on their Indiegogo rewards and having them a part of this groundbreaking, fresh spin on the travel tv genre. I can’t wait until we get to explore parts of Canada for a future episode!

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