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Today we are featuring our friend and founder of Points Miles and Bling, Anshul Singh. On the surface, he may seem like a fellow travel blogger, but in reality, we are a huge fan of his work. Points Miles and Bling has grown its team significantly since we last interview him 6 years ago, and we look forward to see what more they have in the works. Thank you Anshul for taking the time to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with us! 

1) Please tell us about yourself and your role with Points Miles and Bling?

I am the founder of Points Miles and Bling Inc. (PMB), and my role is fairly diverse – from writing blog posts to client consultation and editing guest posts. PMB also hosts several in-person meetups nationwide and a weekly live session to discuss the latest in Points travel.

2) Welcome back. How much has changed since we last interviewed you, 6 years ago, back in May 2023?

In Jan 2023, PMB hit the reset switch to become an independent travel website covering news, reviews, and opinion editorials. The new team has empowered us to expand the reach of PMB through unique viewpoints and caters to a much broader audience beyond frequent travellers. PMB continues to grow its presence in the curated learning space, including small group workshops, in-person meetups, and weekly live sessions for our readers.

3) What are you working on that we can look forward to?

Having completed our YYC meetup earlier this year, we are preparing for our next meetup in YOW and YYZ, with YUL and YVR on the horizon. The next eLab, our small group workshop, will be offered on June 17th, covering cruises and casinos in great depth. Watch on the website for limited tickets and details of upcoming events.

4) We’re closing in on our ten-year anniversary. Do you have any thoughts for us as we embark on our next 10 years?

Congratulations to Pointshogger and Matt on the 10th anniversary. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to continue writing in (and for) the travel industry. Pointshogger continues to be a good resource for the Points community, especially for those taking their first steps in the hobby.

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