[INTERVIEW] Who is Roame?

Today, we are featuring Tim Qin, co-founder and CEO of Roame Travel who will share his new service to search for award flights. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answering our questions and sharing how the website works, looking forward to what else you are working on!

1) Please tell us about yourself and your role with Roame.Travel.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Roame, I oversee product vision, strategy, and all other areas of business/finance for the team. I have a background in technology and finance, both as an investor and operator.

I started my points & miles journey back in 2012 with my first travel rewards card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Those were the days when the points community was just starting and I remember reading the first articles from The Points Guy. Since then, I have hit many points/miles enthusiast milestones from booking my first around-the-world award flight redemption to earning my millionth mile.

2) Why did you start up Roame?

I found that I was spending hours on each airline of the ~10 top airline websites to find the best flight award redemptions. I was wasting too much time searching websites and wanted to find a better solution.

My partner and I created Roame.Travel as a simple to use award travel search engine. At first we were only looking to solve our own problem, but felt like we could help the points community by sharing it for free. That is how Roame came to be.

Our mission at Roame is to simplify credit card redemptions for the average person.

3) How does the Roame work?

Roame lets you search across 9 different airline programs (with more to come!) for the best flight redemption using points/miles. The engine is lightning fast and lets you search by fare class, individual dates, and number of travelers. You can sort/filter by the number of points required, departure time, duration, airline program, and number of stops.

After searching, you receive a list of real-time flight results showing all the flight details, the number of points required, which airline program you can use to book, and which credit card programs transfer to that specific airline.

We currently serve 9 airline programs: AeroMexico, Air Canada, Air France / KLM, American, Avianca, Delta, Iberia, United, and Virgin Atlantic. We plan to add many more airline programs to come, so keep checking the website for updates!

4) What can Canadians specifically look forward to?

We want to serve the points & miles communities wherever they may be located. There are very few countries where there are strong credit card rewards programs, and Canada is one of the major countries.

We want to be as helpful as possible to the Canadian community. Air Canada’s Aeroplan is one of the best airline programs for award flights. We made sure it was one of the first programs we brought online.

5) What can we look forward to with Roame.Travel?

Since we released Roame.Travel to the public, we have received tremendous amounts of feedback and are working diligently to incorporate the feedback into the product. Keep an eye out for new airline programs and high-demand features.

Feel free to email us any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have at hello@roame.travel.

6) Any closing thoughts?

Roame is re-imagining the way to find your next award flight by providing you with the best award travel search engine for free. We hope that Roame can be helpful for everyone in their points and miles journeys.


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