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Merry Christmas! Shopping Tips 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I think my shopping tips could use an update. In the past, I focused more on cash savings on discounts. But there are other factors to consider.

Also, in the past, I focused more on Boxing Day specific shopping tips, but these tips will apply more year round as well.

Open your gifts first

I know this sounds tacky, but don’t go buy something that you already received for Christmas. This is also why companies offer gift receipts, so that we have the option of exchanging a gift. It’s not just exchanging just because we do not want something. But also if we have a duplicate, if it’s not the right size, preference of colour, etc. We shouldn’t feel bad to give a gift receipt, we shouldn’t feel bad if the person ends up exchanging the gift, so that we don’t have to feel bad doing it ourselves! Then everyone can come out ahead.

To win the miles and points game, we gotta put away some of the good courtesy. Let’s just all get on board in getting more value for our money!

Know Your Prices

Nowadays, it has become so much easier to Google the price of an item to find out if you are getting the best price. Also, there are enough blogs, websites, forums, etc. that track the discounted prices. Even though a retailer may take off the discounted price once the promotion is over, there are places where the information is still documented.

Once you know your prices, you won’t get caught overpaying on Boxing Day or any other day for that matter!

Build a Running List

Keep a list of items that you will need to buy soon or at some point in time, so that you know what prices to monitor. This way, when the right offer comes around, you can buy it or buy it ahead of time to stock up. This is a method that I use often. Buy something that is on sale now that I know I will need later on. Note that prices will go up over time, so it’s not a bad thing to buy something ahead of time.

Have Your Credit Cards and Loyalty Cards Ready

Focus on the multiplier bonuses and bonus promotional offers. That will help you build up your portfolio faster.

Shopping Portals

Watch for shopping portal bonuses. Some people may disagree with this approach, but going to the store is nice to look, touch and feel an item. But you will accumulate more miles and points when you go home and buy it through a shopping portal during a multiplier bonus promotion.

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