New Elite Benefits with Best Western

They may not be the flashiest hotel chain out there, but I am a huge fan of Best Western. I think the primary reason is because we have the option of earning Best Western points with MBNA. It’s extremely slim pickings in Canada for co-branded hotel loyalty credit cards.

Expiry Policy / Blackout dates

Points never expire! No blackout dates on reward nights!

Elite Status

Below is a quick rundown of all the different statuses with Best Western Rewards, along with its new updated changes.

Restriction: Note that these new benefits are only available to Best Western Reward members who reside in the United States or Canada, when staying at a property in the United States or Canada.


  • Basic membership (just need to sign up)
  • Earn 10 points for every $1 USD spent at Best Western
  • NEW- Free night redemptions count towards elite status (applies to all statuses)

Having reward nights counting towards qualifying for elite status is simply amazing!


  • Need 10 nights, 7 qualifying stays or 10,000 points to qualify
  • Earn 10% bonus points per stay
  • Room upgrade (specialty rooms or suites may not qualify) (all statuses onward)
  • NEW- Choice of thank you gift or points upon arrival (all statuses onward)

I was really hoping that bonus points being given during check-in would eventually become available. So this is a great addition!


  • Need 15 nights, 10 qualifying stays or 15,000 points to qualify
  • Earn 15% bonus points per stay
  • NEW- 10% point discount on free night redemption (all statuses onward)

Amazing to receive a discount on reward stays! The rebate will be posted 10 business days after the hotel makes the request from Best Western Rewards.


  • Need 30 nights, 20 qualifying stays or 30,000 points to qualify
  • Earn 30% bonus points per stay
  • NEW- Guaranteed free night availability (calling required, not available online) (all statuses onward)

How can you complain about guaranteed free night availability? Note that guaranteed so long as rooms are available. So it is technically not 100% guaranteed.

Diamond Select

  • Need 50 nights, 40 qualifying stays or 50,000 points to qualify
  • Earn 50% bonus points per stay


From what I can tell, they are all positive changes across the board. Well done Best Western!


  1. I, too, enjoy Best Western. They’re a great family hotel and there’s lots of ability to book suites on points. For road trips to national parks in the states, their locations can’t be beat.

    DP: I was denied for the Canadian version of their credit card because my Canadian credit history was too short (~6 months).

    1. Give MBNA a try again later on.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad to see other Best Western fans!

  2. I’m currently staying at a Best Western in Istanbul for 8000 points/night. Great deal when I got the 60 000 point sign up offer with MBNA!

  3. Heather you are making me jealous as I only got 40000 points when I applied which was the special on last April and even then I had to fight with MBNA to get it as they only gave me 20000. 3 phone calls later they added the other 20000.
    8000 points /night is a great find. An outdated BW in Cornwall ON needs 20000/night. 🙁

  4. Hey Matthew,

    Me and my wife got this card last month. Thanks to you for posting the only 40000 points link I could find. All others links were for 20000 points. Cheers.

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