New United Airlines Mottos

One of my readers sent me this hilarious email. Hope you get a good laugh out of this! 

  • “Drag and Drop”
  •  “We put the hospital in hospitality”
  • “Board as a doctor, leave as a patient” 
  • “Our prices can’t be beaten, but our passengers can”
  • “We have First Class, Business Class and No Class” 
  • “Not enough seating, prepare for a beating”
  • “We treat you like we treat your luggage” 
  • “We beat the customer. Not the competition” 
  • “And you thought leg room was an issue” 
  • “Where voluntary is mandatory” 
  • “Fight or flight. We decide” 
  • “Now offering one free carry off” 
  • “Beating random customers since 2017” 
  • “If our staff needs a seat, we’ll drag you out by your feet”
  • “A bloody good airline”

To many good ones to choose from, I like: “Board as a doctor, leave as a patient”.

Which one is your favourite? Please let us know in the comment section below!


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