Pointshogger on CBC – On The Money – What to do with Aeroplan Miles?

I was on CBC, On The Money talking about what to do with Aeroplan. Two things

  • I need to work on smiling
  • I need to figure out where the lens is

Do not worry if you feel the same way, I laughed at myself the entire when I watched it over!

Anyway… in the meantime, if you would like me to clarify anything discussed in the interview, please let me know in the comment section below and I will put together a post with more details!

Thank you CBC for having me on the show again!


  1. Don’t be To hard on yourself. You were great ! I’d love to know what is the list of these 40 loyalty programs and if you are still active in all of them ? Any of those lesser known programs, be it canadian or foreign, that we should know about ? For instance I have 6800 miles with SAS (don’t ask me How I I got them) and I don’t Think a lot of people are familiar with. Is this a program you participate in or recommend for hoggers and what value do you se in it ?

    1. Award Wallet helps me keep track. Yes, it includes non frequent flyer programs as well. As for SAS, the general rule is if you get value from a program then go for it! Thanks for the positive feedback!

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